Mainframe Visibility with IBM z APM Connect

Monitor business-critical mainframe transactions inside AppDynamics

Connect transactions into the mainframe

Get end-to-end, unified monitoring of critical
Business Transactions within mainframe subsystems.

Out-of-the-box visualization of end-to-end monitoring including mainframe subsystems

Instantly discover application topology through mainframe subsystems, which are a critical system of record in the enterprise.

  • Visualize the components of the mainframe, including MQ, CICS, IMS DB, and Db2 within an application

  • Understand which Business Transactions touch which mainframe subsystems

Reduce application downtime with faster problem identification and isolation

Today’s enterprise applications are complex, being built and supported by a large number of subject matter experts. Save time by identifying problems faster with AppDynamics’ baseline and diagnostics capabilities.

  • Identify problems without manual thresholds by utilizing baselines that follow standard workflows including enterprise ticketing systems

  • Isolate which subsystems are responsible for slowdowns, including MQ, CICS, IMS DB, and Db2 on z/OS

Monitor in production with proven IBM technology, the creator of the mainframe and key subsystems

Low overhead monitoring of only the transactions which are instrumented by AppDynamics allows us to utilize extremely little processing power compared to alternative approaches.

  • Be confident in the partnership and capabilities between AppDynamics and IBM to monitor and measure at scale

  • Support for most mainframe and AppDynamics technologies enables quick implementation without complex configuration

"We need to get visibility into our mainframe components, and our company has chosen AppDynamics as their strategic partner for APM."

Large European Banking Customer


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IBM Integration Demo

Watch how to extend the visibility of AppDynamics’ Map iQ and Diagnostic iQ into mainframe subsystems such as CICS and DB2.

Transforming Mainframe Performance Management

Already stretched IT teams are further strained tracking down and isolating the source of issues within the mainframe’s multiple subsystems. Most APM solutions see mainframes as black boxes, AppDynamics and IBM® understand what’s going on inside.

AppDynamics partners with IBM to provide mainframe visibility with IBM z APM Connect

AppDynamics has partnered with IBM to provide transaction visibility into the mainframe subsystems using the IBM z APM Connect product offering.

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