Auto Discovery and Mapping

Visualize the connections between end-users and the application environment

AppDynamics automatically discovers Business Transactions.

Actions like Add to Cart are tagged and traced across every component of your application and visualized in a topology map—helping you better understand performance across the entire application.

Transaction tracing

A single customer issue may be difficult to isolate, especially when it’s hidden within millions of lines of code. With tracing, you know the exact logical flow of a request throughout your environment and can follow the traffic to pinpoint performance issues where they occur.

Flow maps

Flow Maps show the tiers, nodes, message queues, and databases in the environment, and highlight the Business Transactions that flow through them. When baselines are set for Business Transactions, status and deviations are represented by the colors red, yellow and green in the flow lines.

End-to-end user journey

AppDynamics enables you to see the end-to-end user journey, from log-in to authentication, user profile, data source and query, across thousands of servers, databases, APIs, message queues, caching layers and third party web services.


Technologies we support

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Get end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications

Agents and Controller

Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

Auto Discovery and Mapping

Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

Business Transaction

Enable your teams to see the connections between end-users and the application environment

Baselines, Health Rules, Policies and Alerts

Identify and resolve issues before your customers notice


Immediate and automated code level diagnostics


Rich and Extensible data set to help you connect dots between IT operations, user experience and business impact

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Application Performance Monitoring

Make sure application performance meets employee and customer needs.

End User Monitoring


Create superior customer experiences across your mobile apps or websites.


Business Performance Monitoring

The intelligent choice for application and business performance monitoring.

Infrastructure Visibility


Get visibility into your infrastructure's impact on application performance

"AppDynamics offers seamless traceability and a view that bridges both Application Performance Management and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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