Business Transaction

The end-to-end, cross-tier processing path used to fulfill a request for a service by a user

A Business Transaction is made up of all the required services within your environment that are called upon to fulfill and deliver a response to a user-initiated request.

These are typically things like login, search, checkout, etc. Things like conducting a search, adding something to a shopping cart, or checking out will invoke various applications, web services, third party APIs, and databases. Business Transactions reflect the logical way users interact with your applications.

Automatic discovery

AppDynamics automatically discovers Business Transactions—both known and unknown. From this data, we construct a topology map of how traffic flows within your application. This helps you see what was previously hidden, allowing you to manage your platform based on accurate
user behavior.

Code-level diagnostics and baselining

As every line of code executes, AppDynamics monitors traffic patterns and establishes Baselines of acceptable performance. When important Business Transactions like Add to Cart slow down, AppDynamics automatically triggers powerful diagnostic actions and isolates the root cause of
any issue.

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