Application Analytics

The next evolution of AppDynamics Application Analytics is here. Business iQ business performance monitoring will help you optimize customer experiences and drive better business outcomes like no other solution can.

Application Analytics refers to the real-time analysis and visualization of automatically collected and correlated data to get insights into IT operations, customer experience and business outcomes.

With this next generation of IT operations analytics platform, IT and business users are empowered to quickly answer more meaningful questions than ever before, all in real-time.

Application Analytics Modules

Rich and Extensible data set to help you connect dots between IT operations, user experience and business impact

  • Easily collect and correlate data - user, performance and business data in real-time with no code changes
  • Utilize AppDynamics Query language (SQL based) on rich and extensible data sets to run ad-hoc analysis in real-time and dig deeper into specific performance issues
  • Rapidly visualize large datasets by leveraging OOTB widgets. Build interactive custom dashboard and share insights with others via periodic or one-time reports

Leverage Transaction Analytics to answer questions in real-time about performance and business metrics

  • Drive business outcomes in real-time through auto correlation between performance and business data

  • Automatic collection of 100% of business transactions without code changes and correlation enables rapid time to value with less overhead without the need to build custom big data analytics platform



Get comprehensive IT operational visibility with Log Analytics

  • Collect, process, analyze and visualize log data from all machine sources either physical, virtual or in cloud environments

  • Get comprehensive insight to pinpoint errors that go beyond code fix through single pane of glass with application performance

Optimize user journey and engagement with Browser & Mobile Analytics

  • Understand user experience across multiple versions or all applications through integrated browser, mobile and custom user data

  • Get insights into user engagement and optimize user journey through OOTB analysis and visualization widgets (funnel, histogram, etc)

Utilize AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) to deliver insights in real-time

  • Utilize SQL based query language to gain insights. SQL syntax reduces learning curve and allows ad-hoc analysis in real-time

  • Run advanced, fast and nested data searches to dig deeper into specific performance issues and impact to business outcomes

Rapidly visualize large data sets with out of the box widgets and interactive custom dashboards

  • Get actionable and compelling insights and let platform tell you which data points you need to care about

  • Reporting capabilities make it fast and easy to share results with team members and senior management



We do Big Data so you don’t have to

  • Stop building your custom analytics platform and replace or complement it with easy to add Analytics platform

  • Leverage industry’s most scalable big data platform that can handle upto 500M metrics/minute and 1 Trillion events/day

More on Application Analytics

Analytics-ready data

Capture and analyze data with built-in business context

Code-free analytics

Capture data from any app without making code changes

Real-time insights

Analyze streaming data for up-to-the-minute insights

Pre-built analytics widgets

Simple drag-and-drop capabilities for complex data analysis

Log analytics

Rapid analysis of log files

Big Data platform

Let AppDynamics take care of your Big Data needs

See how it works

Get end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications

Agents and Controller

Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

Auto Discovery and Mapping

Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

Business Transaction

Enable your teams to see the connections between end-users and the application environment

Baselines, Health Rules, Policies and Alerts

Identify and resolve issues before your customers notice


Immediate and automated code level diagnostics


Rich and Extensible data set to help you connect dots between IT operations, user experience and business impact

See your applications like never before