Custom Data Visualization

Introducing Dash Studio: The Future of Dashboarding at AppDynamics

Design meaningful dashboards in minutes with powerful data visualization from AppDynamics, the only APM vendor that helps IT leaders derive strategic insights from their application performance

Unprecedented visibility + powerful data
visualization = record-time-to-value with APM

IT leaders rely on AppDynamics to gain the deepest and broadest possible visibility of their application environments for fast resolution of performance problems. 

That’s why we reimagined the dashboarding experience. 

Our first-of-its-kind data visualization tool makes it easier than ever to design great dashboards, enhance data interactions, and reuse components, all in just a few clicks. With that time back from typically slow dashboarding processes, you can more quickly gain insight into how your application performance is impacting the customer experience and revenue.

Design beautiful dashboards in minutes

The Dashboard Editor mimics familiar design tools like PowerPoint for ease of use.

  • Drag, drop and flexibly resize data widgets, using intuitive alignment guides, to build your layout in a snap
  • Change visual settings, add labels and compare application performance across different time ranges
  • Automatically save all changes, with full support for undo and redo

Gain richer insights into data

Understand and easily explore your data with powerful data binding options and simple sentence-like queries. 

  • See your data reflected on-screen in real-time using typeahead 
  • Ensure all users can find and make sense of the data that matters most to them with simplified querying 
  • Preview the dashboard without distraction: use the one-click View Mode to hide the editor UX
  • Ensure your dashboards look great to everyone on the team using the responsive layout mode to fluidly scale fit to any screen size

Build once, scale quickly with reusable components

Quickly change the data that widgets are displaying without creating a whole new widget with dashboard variables. No need for duplicate efforts.

  • Bind widgets to common data variables and alter them in View Mode to re-render the dashboard for new applications, business transactions, or other supported data
  • Copy and paste widgets to reuse time-consuming data and style properties
  • Quickly leverage new dashboards as your business needs evolve

Holistic performance monitoring for deep, cross-domain visibility and insights

Dash Studio enhances our joint vision with Cisco of the Central Nervous System for IT by offering a unified visualization platform for data, across the stack.

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Dash Studio is now available for all AppDynamics customers as an early preview release. Ready to give it a test drive?