.NET Application Monitoring

Optimize application performance across the entire .NET ecosystem.

Accelerate development while enhancing customer experience. Navigating complex .NET applications without the right monitoring tool can be difficult, even for veteran developers. AppDynamics helps enterprises monitor critical .NET applications with simplicity, visibility, and scalability while maximizing performance.

.NET Diagnostics

Automatically discover, visualize, and map distributed application components and dependencies for a complete, end-to-end view of the entire .NET ecosystem.

  • Accurately diagnose root cause in real-time of .NET Core and .NET Full Framework application issues

  • Detect asynchronous programming patterns for enhanced business transaction monitoring

  • Monitor microservices pre and post migration, when transitioning to microservices architectures, including Azure and AWS

Full stack visibility beyond .NET applications

Add performance visibility into every application that impacts user experience.

  • Capture device errors, crashes & network requests across all application types - .NET and beyond

  • Capitalize on comprehensive usage metrics to help design better end-user experiences

  • Monitor all databases within a single pane of glass, while being able to drill down quickly via flowmaps, to troubleshoot issues

Proactive performance management

Detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues in real time. AppDynamics surfaces problems at the code level, accelerating resolution times, and improving code quality.

  • Automatically baseline transaction performance—establishing what is normal, and what is not—avoiding costly false alerts

  • Ensure zero downtime with custom health rules  and intelligent alerting, even during migration

  • Pinpoint the root cause to speed development and reduce MTTR

Connect performance metrics to business outcomes

Leverage application analytics to make data-driven decisions that deliver concrete results. AppDynamics’ robust analytics allow enterprises to make the direct, critical connection between application performance and business outcomes.

  • Converge business, application, and infrastructure data to demonstrate every applications’ holistic business impact

  • Analyze specific customer journeys to understand the end-user experience and optimize top-level KPIs

  • Leverage industry leading out-of-the-box application analytics with Business iQ

Deploy at scale

Quickly deploy AppDynamics in the most complex environments with unparalleled security, scalability, and enterprise control.

  • Manage your entire environment from a central location and ensure streamlined, robust deployments, upgrades and migrations

  • Easily define roles based on team function. Manage all permissions centrally, or through corporate authentication services, ensuring data privacy compliance

  • Monitor applications pre and post migrations, with support for modern architectures—including Microsoft Azure and AWS

“You can’t have successful DevOps unless everyone has the means to work together. Before we had the blame game, but with AppDynamics in place, the hosting team can identify the exact SQL statement or line of .NET code causing problems when the CPU experienced errant behavior. The ability to provide a time slice of what was going on gives a clear and consistent message to the Dev team. It makes it easy to find root cause and take corrective action.”

Jeff Brady, Product Manager, Allscripts

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