AppDynamics is the only APM vendor in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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Microsoft Azure Monitoring Tools

Azure observability, right out of the box

Rapidly troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and optimize the performance of your applications running in Microsoft Azure.

Full-stack application performance monitoring for Azure

Monitor complex, fast-growing applications at scale in the cloud with AppDynamics for Microsoft Azure. Get visibility and insight into your applications using .NET or .NET Core code execution, Azure services and serverless functions.

Discover applications and dependencies automatically

AppDynamics automatically detects your application’s Azure component services such as Azure App Services, Web Apps, WebJobs and Azure Functions. Get full observability into your application’s dependencies like databases, message buses and containers — regardless of the environment or deployment methods.

Migrate to cloud — without any surprises

AppDynamics automatically baselines application performance metrics before and after migration and visualizes real-time interactions of every dependency to ensure a successful Azure cloud migration. Reduce the length of your migration and ensure your transition to the cloud doesn’t negatively impact your users.

Leverage serverless APM for Azure Functions

Instrument .NET-based applications and microservices in Azure Functions running in App Service. Deploy the latest .NET agent to monitor Azure Functions using AppDynamics Azure Site Extension for .NET. Reduce the need to learn new ways of deploying the APM agent for individually supported Azure services and remove any dependencies for changing the application code to instrumentation.

Azure Stack Certified

AppDynamics is the only application performance management solution that instruments every line of code out of the box. With AppDynamics, you can rapidly drill down to the .NET method call responsible for latency, allowing you to troubleshoot bottlenecks and optimize your code faster than ever before.

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Understanding the value of monitoring and managing SAP

Learn why comprehensive SAP observability is now essential — and how AppDynamics Performance Monitoring for SAP can help.

A complete observability solution for Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure has played a major role in building the cloud ecosystem we know today. By allowing developers to work in a cloud-based platform, Azure enables a truly modern, scalable, and efficient development process.

The hybrid cloud application performance playbook: The keys to quantifiable IT business value

Find out how organizations are getting a single view of the business value of IT in the cloud, while also achieving in-depth visibility into the performance of every transaction across the business.

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry

Leverage the open-source standard from any data source, alongside AppDynamics to gain advanced visibility and insights.

Alaska Airlines maintains impeccable customer satisfaction and stellar guest service in hybrid cloud environment

Alaska Airlines Maintains Impeccable Customer Satisfaction and Stellar Guest Service in Hybrid Cloud Environment.

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