Any application availability or performance issues affect the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals and directly impact patient safety.

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry, hence new systems and new regulations are the norm. These require major updates and roll out of new systems, which must integrate with legacy systems which are rigid. Application performance issues affecting admissions, discharges, or revenue cycles can significantly impact financial performance of the provider.


  • Complex workflows in emergency department (ED) applications often fail or do not respond in a timely manner, measure these transactions against the baselines within AppDynamics.

  • Visualize discover the components required for a given software application 


  • 1% of the requests in the ‘admit patient’ business transaction were categorized as very slow, investigate and remediate with the last 15 minute view.


  • Memory consumption has spiked on a cluster supporting the payer management application tier. Determine what workload changes have happened.

Operational Intelligence

  • When acquiring a new hospital system, there will be an increase in patients and transactions by 30%, how many additional web servers / app servers / VMs / databases will we need to support that growth on the EHR system?

Business Intelligence and Performance Monitoring

  • How many requests for insurance payment were processed per minute during the last hour and how did that compare to the same period last month?
  • How has our patient amount changed in the last 3 months?

End User Intelligence

  • What is the response time trend for doctors access patient records in the last month, is IT improving service quality to the end users?
  • We’ve rolled out the iPad app for our EHR, is that improving the number of patient notes the doctors are inputting into the system? Increased documentation should lead to better care.

"AppDynamics is helping us take customer satisfaction to a whole new level by giving customers visibility into the performance of our application."

Wasif Butt, Chief Development Officer, Streamline Healthcare Solutions

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