Any application availability or performance issues affect the quality of patient care and directly impacts patient and clinician satisfaction and engagement.

Observe what's most important to your patients, clinicians, and community.

We know that Healthcare means more than just direct patient care. As you serve your communities, staff, clinicians, and patients, you need to know that their experience will be one that you can stand behind.

Today’s care is dependent on a long and integrated list of applications helping you with everything from scheduling and reading MRIs, to cafeteria supply management and medical implant vendor management.

Quality digital experiences

Cisco wants to help make sure that your users have the digital experience they deserve, and that you feel proud to deliver.

Full-stack observability

Using Cisco's suite of Full Stack Observability products, including AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, you will be able to get ahead of problems before they occur, and before they impact your users.

"Before AppDynamics, we had manual monitoring performed for all our SAP applications in each shift, which accounted for about six hours a day spent manually monitoring the environment to make sure nothing went down. That manual monitoring has gone away because everything is automated using AppDynamics. "

Kamlendra Kumar
SAP Basis Administrator, Cepheid


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