Cloud Monitoring

Enterprise-grade, application performance monitoring and analytics that provides visibility into cloud-native technologies and traditional infrastructure, and provides real-time insight into business performance in the cloud.

Accelerate your journey to cloud

Whether it's a new cloud application or you’re migrating an existing application, we provide all the cloud monitoring tools you need to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Gain control of application performance

Get end-to-end performance monitoring, accurate alerting and AI-powered root cause analysis for cloud applications.


Easily monitor cloud-native technologies

Support innovation and avoid issues impacting user experience, caused by microservice architectures and cloud-native technologies with out-of-the box monitoring of key resources.

Ensure cloud drives business performance

Compare and contrast technical and business performance metrics in real time to make informed investment decisions and drive in the confidence that cloud delivers business value.

Visualize end-to-end cloud application performance in real time

Go beyond basic infrastructure health metrics and understand the true performance of your cloud application. See clearly how every application component, line of code and important infrastructure resource is performing no matter whether they’re in public or private clouds. This includes Docker containers, Kubernetes, every microservice and key cloud-native technologies from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Stay ahead of user experience and business impacting issues

Understand your cloud applications and their business impact with comprehensive transaction volume, service level, and throughput monitoring. Proactively monitor every user journey in web, mobile or IoT-based applications or in business processes, via business transactions, as they traverse private and public clouds. Diagnose issues with accuracy using AI powered root cause analysis with cognition engine.

Ensure cloud investment results in business value

Deliver quick time to value by AppDynamics integration with key IaaS/PaaS cloud platforms and go beyond just understanding technical performance. Business iQ allows for quick analysis and powerful visualizations to be created that correlate end-user experience, application performance and business performance data to prove that applications are driving business value while adopting cloud-native services.


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“With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win for us.”

Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager, Alaska Airlines


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