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Get to know Cisco Cloud Observability

Cisco Cloud Observability is purpose-built to observe distributed and dynamic cloud native applications and infrastructure at scale.

Bring in the data that matters to your business

Leverage industry-leading ingestion technologies such as OpenTelemetry™ and visualize all metrics, events, log and trace data from across your entire technology landscape. 


OpenTelemetry™ is a trademark of The Linux Foundation®. 

Correlate cloud service metrics that impact your business

Cisco Cloud Observability correlates and enriches telemetry data across your entire technology landscape, mapping all dependencies, relationships and ephemeral services and tying them directly to business impact.

Quickly identify the root cause of issues

Swiftly detect anomalies and isolate the root cause of issues across business transactions that you and your customers rely on.

Future-proof your investments

The extensibility of the Cisco Observability Platform ensures protection of your observability-solutions investment with continuous data integrations — with OpenTelemetry™ standards — and technology partnerships.


OpenTelemetry™ is a trademark of The Linux Foundation®.