Akka Monitoring


Akka is a modular open-source toolkit and runtime framework that enables developers to build concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications on JVMs (Java Virtual Machines). Akka uses a modular structure that focuses on Actors, which are lightweight concurrent entities that process messages asynchronously via an event-driven receive loop. Actors work the same regardless of whether developers use a single or multiple hosts or how many threads they are running on, which enables scalability without additional modifications. Akka has supplementary modules that extend its functionality, including support for other concurrency models, integration with third-party systems like Apache Camel and ZeroMQ, and support for clusters.

The AppDynamics platform provides real-time visibility into how your applications perform inside many of the industry-leading Java application servers including those that use the Akka toolkit. With the AppDynamics solution you can find the root cause of code bottlenecks in seconds and optimize your Java environment.

Automatic application discovery

Automatically discover the entire topology of your Java application and enable your team to spend time on innovation instead of configuration.

Display key performance indicators

Gain a real-time view of your Java application's entire health by monitoring load, average, response time and error rate for the application, and dynamic baselines for all of these values to show what's normal vs abnormal.

Distributed call graphs

Follow a user request as it traverses your distributed Java application and collect end-to-end code execution and latency data to provide context required to isolate root cause quickly.

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