Tomcat Monitoring


Apache Tomcat is a popular open-source web and application server framework and servlet container that runs a Java Virtual Machine HTTP environment for a wide range of Java code. Tomcat executes Java servlets to deliver web pages that use Java Server Page coding and processes each HTTP request from a web browser in a separate thread. Although Tomcat comes with tools to configure and manager code, it also lets developers directly edit XML configuration files.

Developers can use Tomcat as on its own using the internal web server or in conjunction with other web servers, including Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), or Netscape, among others. For developers and operations teams building and managing applications with the Tomcat application server, the AppDynamics platform provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing the performance of your Java applications. With rapid installation and the most scalable architecture in the industry, AppDynamics solutions help you deploy your applications more quickly and with more confidence.

Monitor business transactions on Tomcat

For Tomcat, AppDynamics auto-discovers two Java tiers, E-Commerce and Inventory. The flow map shows the communication as the average number of calls per minute between the tiers and the average response time for a single call. It also shows the exit call type.

Tomcat specific JMX MBeans

AppDynamics can easily connect to the JMX Server within the Tomcat application server to view exposed management beans. In AppDynamics, simply go to the node running on Tomcat application server and choose the JMX tab to access the MBean browser in order to view these Tomcat specific MBeans. In the MBeans, you can drill down to the individual MBean attributes as well.

Memory visibility

Not only does AppDynamics access Tomcat MBean information, it also provides an in-depth view of the memory usage within the JVM and Tomcat. Simply go to the node running on Tomcat application server and choose the memory tab to see heap and garbage collection information, real-time memory utilizations and even object instance information.

JVM environment visibility

AppDynamics also can provide you the JVM environmental information of your application running on Tomcat. Simply go to the node running on Tomcat application server and choose the JVM tab to see all startup options and environment properties.

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