Kubernetes Monitoring

Get end-to-end, unified performance visibility into Kubernetes and every microservice deployed

A unified solution for flawless experiences

AppDynamics for Kubernetes monitoring provides enterprises running traditional or microservice-based applications on Kubernetes an end-to-end solution to deliver flawless application experiences.

Full-stack visibility

Get end-to-end visibility into every component of your applications — infrastructure, Kubernetes platform, Docker containers, every microservice, and end user devices. See granular line of code-level details and every database query, all within the context of Business Transactions and from a single pane of glass.

  • Monitor every component of a distributed application and infrastructure

  • Get visibility into Kubernetes by leveraging labels like Namespace, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment, or any other Kubernetes label. Organize, group, query, or filter Kubernetes objects or performance metrics based on labels

  • Get consistent visibility with Kubernetes cluster monitoring across on-premise and hybrid environments

  • AppDynamics Cluster Agent is purpose-built to efficiently gather monitoring data from across orchestrated clusters

Automatic root cause analysis

Leverage unique machine learning capabilities to avoid alert storms caused by cascading failures of microservices.

  • Avoid false alarms by setting baselines to match historical performance and reduce the noise often caused by siloed kubernetes monitoring tools

  • Intelligently alert IT teams when problems occur with a stack-ranked order of potential root causes

  • Avoid alert storms caused by cascading microservices failure. Quickly triage the root cause to reduce MTTR

Seamless, out-of-the-box integration

Adopt AppDynamics for Kubernetes monitoring with ease and leverage existing people, processes, and day-to-day operational workflows. One-step installation deploys AppDynamics server agent as a DaemonSet on all Kubernetes worker nodes.

  • Get application container images from the Docker store with built-in AppDynamics agents

  • Deploy Kubernetes-based applications on any cloud, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and other on-premises cloud environments

  • Hyperscale with the industry’s most scalable monitoring solution

Drive business outcomes

Health rules and alerts based on business metrics provide intelligent validation, so that every code release can drive business outcomes.

  • Correlate Kubernetes-tagged metrics with business metrics — such as customer conversion rate or end user experience — with the performance of applications on the Kubernetes platform.

  • Easily isolate the performance issues in different environments such as canary releases and their impact on business in real time.

  • Validate your investments by correlating with business metrics as you modernize applications from monolithic architectures to microservices on Kubernetes. Hyperscale as your requirements increase due to adoption and microservices architecture.

“We can see everything inside both our dynamic container infrastructure and the microservices running inside the containers. AppDynamics gives us unprecedented insight.”

Philippe Dono, Head of the Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

See your applications like never before