BITMARCK Group selects AppDynamics to monitor critical health insurance applications

Key Benefits

Installed AppDynamics in one hour

Increased application visibility

Accelerated MTTR with automatic detection

Challenge: Performance problems affected key applications

Two of BITMARCK's largest applications are DAKOR, an internal application used by employees of DAK Gesundheit, and DAK Online, DAK Gesundheit's main web presence. With peak loads of 90,000 calls per minute, DAKOR is critical to DAK Gesundheit's revenue. However, it was often difficult for BITMARCK to identify the root causes of performance deviations, or even to know if the problem originated in the application, network or infrastructure.

Christoph Hantusch, J2EE Application Server Administrator at BITMARCK, and his team used an application performance management (APM) solution to monitor application performance, but the solution was cumbersome and could no longer meet their standards.


“We installed AppDynamics in one hour. That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents. ”

Christoph Hantusch
J2EE Application Server Administrator  @BITMARCK

The AppDynamics solution, on the other hand, was simple to install and use.

“We installed AppDynamics APM in one hour,” said Hantusch. “That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents.”

“Now that we have AppDynamics, we can easily find out if a performance deviation is the result of an application problem or not,” said Hantusch. “When someone complains about the site being slow, we can prove it's not the application.”

When problems did occur in the application, Hantusch could identify and troubleshoot them much more quickly than before. “Now when we have an issue, I can use AppDynamics' list of long-running transactions to isolate the problem. That makes it much easier for development to come in, identify the issue and put out a fix.”

About Bitmarck

BITMARCK Group provides IT solutions for healthcare and health insurance organizations that serve about 26 million users. They build custom IT solutions and applications for customers like DAK Gesundheit, one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany.

Faster solutions to slowdowns

Hantusch has found that his team is much more proactive about application performance issues with the AppDynamics platform. “We have alerts set up on several performance metrics, and when I receive an alert, I can forward it to the right person and get it fixed before the customer notices anything. Now we're able to respond much more quickly to any issues in the Java virtual machine.”

Hantusch's favorite feature of the AppDynamics platform is the Application Overview Dashboard. “AppDynamics' automatic detection and mapping is really great,” said Hantusch. “It makes it really easy to see at a glance where problems are occurring in the application. We're fixing problems faster now, which means we're delivering more value to customers like DAK Gesundheit.”

"We're fixing problems faster now, which means we're delivering more value to customers."

Christoph Hantusch, J2EE Application Server Administrator, BITMARCK

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