CGI Ensures End-to-End Service Delivery with AppDynamics

Key Benefits

Complete end-to-end visibility of Business Transactions

Demonstrated SLA compliance

Improved application code with a robust feedback look


One of CGI's major infrastructure contracts required end-to-end service delivery, but the nature of the environment made that difficult to achieve.

In addition to a core application stack built from technologies like Oracle, MySQL, Java, and .NET, there were upstream and downstream systems managed by third parties.

CGI needed an efficient way to measure business transactions end-to-end to comply with its SLA.


A customer and business partner recommended AppDynamics.

AppDynamics was easily integrated into the existing environment and immediately began providing insights into system performance.

Leveraging AppDynamics, the team built a more robust process between development, testing, and production environments.


Complete end-to-end visibility of Business Transactions.

Demonstrated SLA compliance.

Improved application code with a robust feedback look.

About CGI

CGI is one of the largest IT and business process service providers in the world.

“I haven't used a product like this before... that's anywhere near as good as what AppDynamics provides.”

Steve Perkins
Service Delivery Manager  @CGI

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