Avoid SAP Hybris Omni-Channel Commerce performance problems with Application Intelligence

AppDynamics’ Application Intelligence Platform integrates monitoring, troubleshooting, and analytics capabilities to provide real-time, actionable IT operational and business insights into an SAP Hybris eCommerce environment; all in real time, and all in production.

Ecommerce, mobile apps and an integrated omni-channel strategy are key to success for today’s retailers. SAP Hybris Omni-Channel Commerce is a leading retail solution, providing a single system for product content, order and customer experience management. Ensuring flawless performance of a SAP Hybris environment is critical for retailer success, as any problems with this software solution can instantly impact revenue, brand and customer experience.

Why performance monitoring SAP Hybris Commerce is key to exceptional omni-channel experience

Avoid application performance problems impacting customers

SAP Hybris Commerce underpins omni-channel strategy, meaning that application performance issues impact customer experience immediately. These issues are heightened during peak business periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Minimize time to root cause of application performance issues

SAP Hybris Commerce solution and its Java based open architecture is highly extensible to address the business needs of retailers. But, conversely, this extensibility can make it very difficult to isolate the root cause of omni-channel performance issues.

Correlate application and customer experience data

Omni-channel commerce results in a mass of data on customer behavior, buying pattern and demographics. Unfortunately, without substantial investment into building a custom analytics solution, retailers can’t get real-time actionable insights.

How AppDynamics protects the performance of your SAP Hybris Commerce environment

Optimized For Java Monitoring

SAP Hybris Commerce platform, extensions and front-end applications are java based. AppDynamics offers the industry's leading Java application performance monitoring solution, enabling retailers to gain complete visibility into their SAP Hybris environment.

Detect performance issues before they impact customers

Automatically baseline the performance of an SAP Hybris environment to alert and address emerging issues in context of key retail business transactions. Isolate retail transactions with degrading performance and resolve them before they impact customers.

Prioritize business outcomes with actionable Insights

SAP Hybris environments create a wealth of data. Make actionable omni-channel insights easily by automatically correlating customer engagement, performance and business data - ensuring that your SAP Hybris Commerce deployment is driving business outcomes.

"Today all 35 of our retail stores run on Cisco Meraki solutions and in the near future so will our manufacturing and corporate sites, all of which will connect seamlessly and securely to our SAP platform for even greater centralization and standardization. "

Mike Karasienski
Supervisor of Systems Engineering, Carhartt


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Avoid SAP Hybris Omni-Channel Commerce performance problems with Application Intelligence

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