2017 AppD Summit Europe

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AppD Summit Europe 2017: Highlight Reel

AppD Summit Keynote Introduction: Redefining Your Business

Introduction to the AppDynamics App iQ Platform

AppD Summit Europe 2017

May 3, 2017
London, England

Our first major overseas user conference, AppD Summit Europe was another milestone in what continues to be an exciting time at AppDynamics. With over 1,000 attendees from 30 countries, this wildly successful first-ever AppD Summit event in London featured multiple breakout sessions with leaders from companies and organizations like Credit Suisse, Specsavers, Barclays, Standard Bank, British Medical Journal, and DevOpsGuys. Plus, there was a full day dedicated to hands-on training and certification courses.

Together with Cisco, we are taking application performance to the next level to help enterprises like yours drive business performance in a meaningful way.

“This is really the golden age of IT. There is an incredible amount of innovation happening in all layers, everywhere. ”

Bhaskar Sunkara | CTO
Head of Product  @& Founding Team Member

AppD Summit Europe Recap

AppD Summit Keynote Introduction: Redefining Your Business

David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics


Now that every company is a software company, it's more important than ever to transition from technology-centric models to business-centric views. David Wadhwani explains what this means for IT as he kicks off AppD Summit Europe.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics

AppDynamics in a Nutshell

David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics


David Wadhwani, CEO of AppDynamics, shares the current digital transformation landscape, the 3 core principles to becoming a digital-first organization, and AppDynamics’ role in getting you there.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics

Introduction to the AppDynamics App iQ Platform

David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics


From Unified Monitoring to Network Visibility, David Wadhwani gives a high-level overview of the App iQ platform.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics 


AppDynamics Unified Monitoring Demo

Adam Leftik | VP of Product Management, AppDynamics


A demo of AppDynamics Unified Monitoring including Map iQ, Baseline iQ, and Diagnostic iQ.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- Adam Leftik | VP of Product Management, AppDynamics 
- John Rakowski | Director of Technology Strategy, AppDynamics

AppDynamics App iQ Platform Overview

David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics


Today, agile business is just as important as agile development. David Wadhwani, CEO of AppDynamics, gives an overview of how AppDynamics App iQ empowers you to drive both of those for your organization.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics 

AppDynamics Business iQ: Understanding Your App and Business

David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics


Introducing Business iQ: the first single data model in the enterprise that has the insights that IT leaders need to run the applications and the insights that business owners need to make better decisions.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- David Wadhwani | President & Chief Executive Officer, AppDynamics

AppDynamics Business iQ Demo

Marisa Shumway, | Sr Director of Product Marketing, AppDynamics


A demo of Business iQ functionalities and how it can change the role of your IT organizations and your developers to make them true partners to the business.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- Amod Gupta | Group Product Manager, AppDynamics 
- Marisa Shumway, | Sr Director of Product Marketing, AppDynamics

AppD Future Developments: Network Visibility, Containers, and Service Dependencies

Bhaskar Sunkara | Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product, AppDynamics.


Bhaskar Sunkara, CTO of AppDynamics, walks through what's next for the AppD platform, including: network visibility, containers and service dependencies.

Appearing in this Keynote chapter:

- Bhaskar Sunkara | Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product, AppDynamics


Become a Digital Game Changer Track

Forrester Research: How To Organise Your Business For Digital Success

Nigel Fenwick | Vice President and Principal CIO Analyst, Forrester Research


Digital is the new over-used, over-hyped term, but today there really is no more 'business as usual'. Nigel Fenwick, Vice President and Principal CIO Analyst at Forrester Research, has been researching digital business and strategy for five years – he was one of the first analysts to identify the shift to digital.

This don't-miss session offers insights from his latest research into the how to organise your team for success today, and how your firm can shape itself to succeed in the digital era. Nigel will cover:

- Does the enterprise require a CDO?

- The role of IT and the CIO in digital transformation

- Skill requirements for your team

Refine Your Metrics For Digital Success

Sharon Cooper | Chief Digital Officer, BMJ


Appearing in this session:

- Sharon Cooper | Chief Digital Officer, BMJ
- John Rakowski | Senior Director, Product Marketing, AppDynamics


Specsavers: The Highs, Lows And How To’s Of Becoming A Successful CIO

Phil Pavitt | Global CIO, Specsavers


While digital technology provides ample opportunity for today’s technolologists to succeed, there are also lots of ways to make the wrong decisions. In this session Phil Pavitt, Global CIO at Specsavers, will tell his story about how he has become a leading CIO, working for the enterprise that has the third most recognised brand message in the UK today. Phil is an experienced digital technology leader having held positions as CIO at Transport For London, HMRC, NTL and has been at forefront of IT transformation programs at Aviva, Centrica and Kodak Alaris. He is regularly invited to speak at tech leadership conferences and has been previously voted as a top CIO on the CIO 100 list.

Phil will provide advice, based on his career so far on:

- The lessons he has learned from leading IT transformation in well known brands

- How to structure and manage high-performing technology teams

- The investments that should be made in terms of people, process and technology


Panel: Tech Trends In Europe - What You Need To Know

Prathap Dendi | General Manager - IoT & Emerging Technologies, AppDynamics


Hosted by Prathap Dendi, General Manager - IoT & Emerging Technologies at AppDynamics, this session brings together:
Victoria Woollaston, Digital Editor at WIRED
Jim Korchak, Managing Director at Barclays
Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor at The Economist.

Each panellist will speak for five minutes about the major topics that will drive the European technology agenda over the next few years. Expect an insightful discussion from these highly respected industry experts before we take questions from the floor.

The discussion will cover:

- Emerging technology trends that tech leaders should be aware of

- Actionable insights for enterprises as they transform into digital businesses

- Recommended areas of investment across people, processes, and technology

Deliver The Next-Generation Software Stack Track

Automation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with DevOpsGuys

Steve Thair | CTO, DevOpsGuys


A cornerstone of the DevOps philosophy, investment in automation at all stages across the SDLC has increased over recent years. Automation promises velocity and reduced errors, helps foster repeatable processes, and removes the need for long hours on dull, repetitive tasks. So what’s not to like? The downside of automation is that unless applied at the right place in your SDLC it can make a bad process worse. Automation also raises questions around job security, the need for reskilling in other areas, and tool sprawl if different teams each choose their preferred technology.

This session will outline:

- A short chronology of where automation has impacted the modern software stack

- Where it makes the most sense to automate (by identifying your key constraints)

- Best practices for adopting automation and how to identify where it’s working — and where it isn’t

Standard Bank: How APM Supports DevOps, Agile and Engineering Transformation

Lenro Meyer | Application Development Manager, Standard Bank Group


Standard Bank's goal is to be the leading financial services organisation in, for, and across Africa. They’re investing heavily in their omni-channel capability delivered through self-service channels that sit on a modern software stack. Their strategy requires that they frequently deliver new functionality to customers across countries, channels, and business domains. To support this, Standard Bank has moved to modern engineering practices, including DevOps, test-driven development, and Agile.

In this session, Andrew and Lenro from Standard Bank will outline their journey and discuss how APM has helped their teams, promoted a DevOps culture and driven transformation. They’ll cover:

- How we structure our development teams and what DevOps means to us

- How APM unblocks delivery and help deliver quality software to our customers

- APM as a DevOps enabler, helping bridge the gap between operations and development

Siemens: Building a Modern Application Industrial IoT Platform in the Cloud

Johannes Birzer | Head of Mindsphere Platform Development, Siemens


When building a new strategic application platform today, you have numerous architecture choices. Do you build on-premises, use an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider (Amazon AWS, Azure) or build on a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas)? The reality is that it depends on the application, costs and its business needs.

In this session, we will hear how Siemens made their decision to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and learn why they decided to go with this platform technology. You'll hear about:

- How a major IoT offering acted as the business driver behind the decision

- How SLAs, increasing customers and multiple service providers drive the need for continuous measurement and improvement

- People, process and technology consideration factors when building in the Cloud

Containers: Give Me The Facts, Not The Hype

Liz Rice | Software, Containers, Product, Innovation, Aqua Security


Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher… just a few of the container technologies out there. The buzz around containers is still growing, as they can make a seismic impact on release velocity. But what’s the best way to add containers to your technology stack?

Get the low down from a container expert who will separate the facts from fiction. What’s the best path to scale your adoption and usage? How do you guard against user privilege escalation? How do containers fit into a DevOps approach?

In this talk, Liz Rice will:

- Explain what’s involved in the lifecycle stages: Develop, Registry, and Deploy

- Build a container live on stage, by writing one in a few lines of Go code

- Flag container security risks and give tips on how to achieve peace of mind


Mastering AppDynamics Track

Business iQ: What It Is and How to Start

Amod Gupta | Group Product Manager, AppDynamics


In the era of experience, application performance is business performance. So while performance monitoring is vital, enterprises must quickly shift to focus on optimising customer experience and prioritising actions that drive better business outcomes. Business iQ has been designed for the enterprise, making it easy to analyse — in real-time — user, transaction, and log data within a business context.

In this interactive session, we’ll dive into product details, show in-depth demos, and reserve time for Q&A. Here, you’ll learn:

- Where and how to get started with Business iQ, plus a sneak preview of upcoming features

- Top Business iQ customer use cases from different industries

- How to build powerful queries and dashboards to drive higher user loyalty and revenue for the business by leveraging user (mobile, browser), transaction and log file data

Use your AppDynamics Deployment to Transform ITSM Processes

Zaki N. Bajwa | Senior Director - WW SC's - ITOM, ServiceNow


Growing up, would you have wanted to be a firefighter or a building inspector? The answer is probably firefighter, and although firefighters are heroes, building inspectors also proactively save lives. The same analogy can be applied to IT Operations. There’s no doubt that AppDynamics fights fires, but the real value comes from strategically leveraging AppDynamics to improve processes of incident, release/change and problem management.

In this session you’ll learn from people who’ve done it before - two past customers who are now Customer Success Managers at AppDynamics and from Peretz Shamar, Mansion House Consulting and  Zaki Bajwa, ServiceNow. We’ll go through practical examples of how to use AppDynamics data to improve processes and teach you best practices. This session will go beyond the basic use cases of AppDynamics, including:

- How to leverage AppDynamics data to transform IT processes

- Practical examples of how to use AppDynamics data to improve incident, problem, release/change and release processes

- Best practices on achieving process improvement success, not just APM success


Become an AppDynamics Dashboard Rockstar

Andrew Jackson | Senior Sales Engineer, AppDynamics


Dashboards are critical for visualizing data and making data actionable. Learn how to leverage high-quality data captured by AppDynamics to power engaging, useful dashboards that go well beyond what comes out of the box. Dashboards are great for troubleshooting problems, but not every user of AppDynamics is concerned with troubleshooting.

Learn how to build dashboards that cater to different audiences and ensure that dashboards drive intended actions. If you’re using AppDynamics APM, come to this session and become an AppDynamics rockstar by covering:

- Why build a dashboard in the first place?

- How to capture and present the right data for each audience

- A live, step-by-step demonstration on how to build great dashboards

Mastering APM With End User Monitoring

Anupam (AJ) Jindal | Product Manager, AppDynamics


Today, the most important measure in application performance management is not whether the lights are green, it’s whether users think performance is good. End-User Monitoring provides immediate performance visibility of mobile devices, browsers, scripts, images, and crashes - complementing application performance metrics and ensuring you have a complete understanding of performance from an end-user perspective.

In this session learn how EUM enriches your APM deployment and get your EUM questions answered. In this session, we’ll:

- Reveal what’s possible in our latest version of EUM, and give a sneak preview of upcoming features

- Outline the challenges that AppDynamics EUM solves and our differentiators

- Demonstrate how browser, mobile real user monitoring, and synthetic monitoring can improve overall monitoring strategy

Essentials of APM Track

Cisco and AppDynamics: Redefining Application Intelligence

Tej Redkar | Head of Product and Experience - Cloud Analytics, Cisco


On the 20th March 2017, AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco for $3.7B, the biggest M&A multiple for a company bought for over $1B. This acquisition reinforces Cisco’s strategic direction, shifting to software-centric solutions and analytics. AppDynamics’ real-time data platform will be correlated with Cisco’s data platforms over time, giving joint customers the richest end-to-end view (from business to the user to the app to infrastructure), allowing for better remediation and automation.

In this session, come and hear what’s next, as Tejaswi Redkar, Head of Products and Experience in the Cloud and Analytics Business Unit at Cisco and Adam Leftik, VP of Product Management, at AppDynamics, go deeper into the value Cisco and AppDynamics will bring. Tejaswi and Adam will detail:

- The announcement and its significance for the software and infrastructure industries

- How the acquisition will redefine application intelligence

10 Tips For Every New AppDynamics Customer

Thomas Tammann | Solutions Architect, AppDynamics


AppDynamics is the closest thing that an enterprise can find in regard to an easy APM solution. But APM is more than a solution, it's a discipline involving people, process and technology, so enterprise application performance management cannot be fairly labeled as easy for every enterprise. By honing your APM skillset, you’ll ensure that your implementation is as smooth as possible, and delivers maximum value.

In this session, you’ll learn ten best practices that will improve the way you adopt AppDynamics. It will give you a faster start, better ongoing productivity, and the confidence that you made a wise investment. We’ll be covering:

- The people, process and product best practices of AppDynamics APM

- How to set an APM strategy that leads to success

- Tips in regards to Business Transactions and the essential APM metrics that you should measure