AppDynamics Transform 2020

Reimagine what’s possible

On Demand Global Event

Why attend?

The digital world moves fast. So how do you know your business is moving at the speed of customer experience?

Join Danny Winokur, General Manager of AppDynamics, Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, and thousands of technologists for a one-of-a-kind virtual event covering emerging technology and the future of performance monitoring. Hear from thought leaders and disruptive technology companies at the intersection of AI, cloud, and machine learning -- and see what’s next for the Cisco AppDynamics suite of solutions.


Chuck Robbins
CEO Cisco - Keynote
Danny Winokur
GM, AppDynamics
Anuj Kapur
SVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Cisco
Linda Tong
Chief Product Officer, AppDynamics
Steve Long
Regional CTO, AppDynamics
John Hill
CIO & SVP of Business Planning, Carhartt
Ron Teeter
Chief Architect, Jobvite
Nemo Hajiyusuf
Manager of Software Engineering, Alaska Airlines
Earl Diem
Sr. Manager of Performance Engineering, PSCU, Inc.
Whitney Satin
Director of Product Marketing, AppDynamics



Chuck Robbins - CEO Cisco

Danny Winokur - GM, AppDynamics

Anuj Kapur - SVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Cisco

John Hill - CIO & SVP of Business Planning, Carhartt

Customer Panel

Join industry leaders for a thoughtful discussion on how they’ve  leveraged performance monitoring in transformative ways. 


Ron Teeter - Chief Architect, Jobvite

Nemo Hajiyusuf - Manager of Software Engineering, Alaska Airlines

Earl Diem - Sr. Manager of Performance Engineering, PSCU (Pacific Service Credit Union)

Breakout Sessions

Achieve Rapid Diagnostics with AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Learn how to use advanced machine learning to automate anomaly detection, so you can quickly make critical connections between application and business performance.


Accelerate Cloud Migration with Application Visibility and Business Insights

Cloud migration is complex. And as its complexity and pace accelerates, it's clear the time is right for a new approach. This session covers how to migrate faster, with more confidence, and with zero business impact.


Simplify Microservices Monitoring with Code Visibility, Visualization, and Alerting

Don't fly blind in a cloud-native world. Learn how to monitor containers at scale with the level of visibility and insight now capable of remediating issues faster than ever before.


Get Actionable Insights for Your Digital Business

Learn how to correlate back-end application health with the impact on end-user experiences in order to make informed strategic decisions and accelerate innovation.


Rightsize your Infrastructure with AppDynamics and CWOM

Understand the challenges of cross-domain failures in the enterprise, the future of software and infrastructure intelligence, and how the combined power of AppDynamics and Cisco can help your business outlast the change.


Reduce MTTR in Production with Deep Code-level Visibility

Say goodbye to hours spent debugging, sifting through log files, and guessing root cause. Learn how to pinpoint the root cause of application code issues with Deep Code Insights (DCI) powered by Rookout.

Change is the Root of all Evil

Detect and correlate actual changes with AppDynamics' performance insights to prevent and troubleshoot incidents. Together, Evolven & AppDynamics redefine monitoring and observability for the enterprise cloud.

Achieve Continuous Application Assurance

With the fully-integrated solution from Moogsoft and AppDynamics, you can maintain visibility and control over CI/CD pipelines, deploy software quickly and continuously, and keep your business agile and flexible.

Bringing Real-Time to the Central Nervous System

If AppDynamics is the Central Nervous System for IT, PagerDuty is the spinal cord that provides the two-way communication that allows IT to respond and act in real-time.

Take Your Apps to the Cloud! Validate Migration Plans with Workload Intelligence

Learn how to transform your business and take your most valued assets into the cloud with Virtana and AppDynamics.

Make the Most of Your APM/NPM Tools with AIOps

BigPanda explains how to use AIOps to help you unlock the full value of your APM and NPM investments. Help your NOC and IT Ops teams finally take full advantage of the deep monitoring data generated by these tools.

Assure Application Performance from On-Premises to Cloud with Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)

Businesses rely on applications now more than ever, as delivering a high-quality digital experience has become mission-critical where applications are continuously resourced to perform in a Multicloud environment.

Master Software Delivery with Harness and AppDynamics

Combine the power of Continuous Delivery and Application Performance Monitoring to accelerate software delivery, time-to-market and digital transformations.

Advanced Application Monitoring for AWS

The cloud enhances scale and agility, but simultaneously creates numerous smaller endpoints and dependencies to manage, monitor and optimize -- it’s critical for IT teams to have end-to-end visibility into modern application ecosystems.


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