Take control of your business with analytics

Business iQ shows you how application performance impacts customer experience and business outcomes in real time.

Automated collection and correlation of real-time business KPIs and application performance data from end user devices, applications, databases and infrastructure

Business iQ analyzes application, log and custom events. Application teams understand business health for every customer, transaction, segment, code release and complete business process.

Get answers immediately

Data is explored immediately, on the fly, and without source code changes. AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) is similar to SQL, making it easy to read and organize data. Users get immediate answers as data arrives.

Validate and prioritize key decisions based on its business impact

KPIs validate and effectively prioritize code development and release. Teams can proactively manage risk and opportunity with automatic and dynamic business performance baselines, anomaly detection and smart alerts. AppDynamics machine learning makes it easy to act on critical metrics and KPIs.

Visualize, share and focus on what matters most

Customizable, interactive dashboards help teams understand and act on what’s happening in their business in real time.

Business iQ empowers your team to make mission-critical and strategic improvements to applications for your customers and your business.