Apache Performance Evaluator

Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is an open source servlet container that is developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It provides a "pure Java" HTTP web server environment for Java code to run.

For developers and operations teams building and managing applications with the Tomcat application server, the AppDynamics platform provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing the performance of your Java applications.

Tomcat Server Benefits

  • Monitor the performance and availability of your Tomcat Server
  • Pro-actively alert Tomcat Server health and performance issues
  • Detect and Resolve Memory Leaks in Tomcat Server
  • Troubleshoot and find root cause of application performance in minutes during Tomcat Profiling
  • Correlate and Trend Key Tomcat Server metrics over time during Apache Monitoring

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics can also auto-discover business transactions from common entry points in Tomcat and its JVM such as servlets, struts actions, spring MVC, web services calls and even custom POJO entry points.

Real-Time Alerting for Tomcat

AppDynamics also provides pro-active alerting and dynamic SLA base-lining so that performance issues can be resolved sooner.

OutOfMemoryException and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics also monitors Tomcat Server memory providing the user with visibility of heap usage, garbage collection and utilization of key memory pools over-time.

Discover how easy Tomcat monitoring and management can be. Take a fully functional FREE test drive of our Tomcat Monitoring Performance Solutions today!