Application Performance Monitoring

Leverage end to end application performance monitoring techniques & tools

A critical part of an organization's application performance strategy consists of application performance monitoring. AppDynamics, an easy-to-use and production-ready application, is an excellent performance monitoring solution available today.

Both Mobile & Web Application Performance Monitoring

With AppDynamics, you can gain total visibility into real user experience across web and mobile applications. Get information on browser, network and server performance in real-time. You can compare across application versions, geographies, carriers, browser and device types.

Detect Business Impact and Performance Spikes

AppDynamics allows you to learn "normal" code execution paths and "normal" performance behavior for all business application services and transactions, anytime of the days, week or year—thereby enabling anomalies to be automatically detected.

Isolate Bottlenecks in your Application

With AppDynamics, you can track the flow of your transactions across various tiers and services in an environment that's highly distributed, thus enabling you to detect bottlenecks at lightning speed. Takes It Online with AppDynamics

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