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AppDynamics for Mobile, Available for iOS and Android

Statistics show that mobile applications are gaining in popularity. As per a report from Kleiner Perkins, mobile applications, which constitute 15% of all Internet traffic, are used by 1.5 billion users worldwide. This makes the performance of mobile applications highly important. AppDynamics offers end user monitoring for mobile iOS and Android applications. It provides visibility into your native mobile apps' performance, so that your mobile users have a tremendous experience the moment they open the app.

With the modern applications becoming more and more complex, end-to-end monitoring becomes important for all production applications operated on a Smartphone or in a browser. A normal architecture for a mobile/web application comprises of numerous services:

Mobile SOA Architecture

AppDynamics for Mobile gives you complete iOS and Android application monitoring of both web and mobile with the end user experience dashboard:

Below is the API calls performance from your mobile Android application to the server side:

Analytics on carriers, device, OS, and application versions gives you a good idea of your audience and where to target development efforts:

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The idea of an application monitoring tool should be to monitor, not intrude.


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