Increasing Microsoft SQL Performance

Slow SQL – A Usual Suspect

It's simple, in a development environment, to make any SQL query or app perform quickly. There are two things that have an impact on query performance, both of which typically don't exist in development environments:

1. Data volume

2. User/transaction concurrency

Test environments with more realistic loads and larger data sets can reveal application scalability and performance limits. By showing developers the speed of their SQL queries, development DBAs can earn a lot of their money.

Applications can behave differently - some are write intensive, some are read intensive. Although what can sometimes be a gift for apps teams is adding an index. The DBA has a lot of analyzing and considering to do in order to ensure the schemas are making sense. DBAs have to look for the correct balance of query performance, in order for connected applications to receive the appropriate availability and performance levels.

Applications can be tested in isolation - A developer team tests and optimizes their app against a copied production scale database. However, the dev teams cannot test what impact other apps will have on the shared database - in production. Having one app inefficient in how it accesses the database may create latency for other apps trying to access the same instance.

Applications can be agile - By adopting an agile methodology, DBA, Ops and Dev teams can deliver a competitive edge to their business. But with a lot of change happening, slow performance and application outages are inevitable. AppDynamics can give you the visibility of change and app performance - in production.

Applications can be hidden in production - Production DBAs and devs lack visibility in production and simple application context. Applications are hugely distributed and complex entities. A production DBA will see an app as a type of "connection" that accesses their database, starting from the app server that connects through a connection pool/driver. With each connection there can be hundreds of sessions and hundreds of queries.

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