Microsoft SQL Monitoring Software

Troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Performance Issues

AppDynamics' Microsoft SQL monitoring product, offers you a total 100% visibility into all application performances, including the browser and database. A large part of application performance bottlenecks stem in the database. However, most application teams have almost no visibility into database performance.


Easy to use

AppDynamics for Databases can be installed very quickly - just in a matter of requiring no configuration or code changes to work. While most SQL monitoring tools are used only by DBAs, AppDynamics, an intuitive web-based UI can be used to find slow SQL queries. All application teams can thus get the necessary visibility into database performance.


While monitoring is most needed in production, most SQL monitoring software often takes a performance dip in a production environment. Best suited to monitor high-volume production applications, AppDynamics for Databases comes with an overhead of less than 1%.

Granular data

Providing granular monitoring data to all DBAs and application teams in live production environments as well, AppDynamics for Databases also ensures that no significant are missed out. AppDynamics also keeps a complete history of database performance helping you resolve past problems.

All-in-one view

SQL performance software is usually compatible with only one database platform, it can, however, be problematic if your application has multiple databases. AppDynamics enables you to monitor everything in a single UI, regardless of a complex application environment. Effectively monitor all database platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server, and more, in the same instance of AppDynamics. Monitoring your application layer with the AppDynamics application performance management solution enables you to view everything your end-users do - right from the browser to the database.

More About AppDynamics for Databases

AppDynamics for Databases greatly simplifies SQL tuning. AppDynamics for Databases allows application teams and DBAs to detect and fix performance-related challenges between the database tiers and the applications.

"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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