Profile Java

Identify trouble spots in your Java app

AppDynamics is an excellent alternative to other free Java profilers such as JConsole and VisualVM. AppDynamics enables development and ops teams to easily find and troubleshoot any problems in the code, at the same ensuring there is impact on the performance of the production environment.

Benefits of AppDynamics over free Java profilers

Easily monitor the performance and availability of your JVM

Alert JVM health and performance issues

Find and fine tune SQL and NoSQL latency

Get to root cause of application performance issues quickly

Monitor MBean metrics in real-time

Automatic Application Discovery and Instrumentation

AppDynamics, like Java profiling tools, automatically identify and map the application tiers that the tracked JVM interacts with (other application servers, web services and databases). A large number of free Java profilers do not have a graphical user interface revealing the application topology and response time breakdown, making it more difficult to easily identify the problems areas.

Lower Overhead than Java Profiling Tools

AppDynamics runs in production with an overhead that's less than 2 percent. It can be left on all the time without the worry about an impact on end users.

Business Transaction Monitoring

With AppDynamics, you can understand your application through Business Transactions, just as your end users experience it. Most of the Java profiling tools are unable to provide Business Transaction context for bottlenecks, making difficult to identify and prioritize problems quickly and easily.

Proactive Alerting

AppDynamics allows create alerts on Business Transaction, application, and JVM metrics. This way, you can detect and fix issues before end user performance is impacted. While most of the free Java profilers do not offer alerting, the Java profiling tools using static, universal thresholds usually result in alert storms.

Java Profiling Metrics

Application Latency

Business Transaction Latency

Code Call Stack Latency

JVM Health

SQL Statement Latency

Java Container Metrics

JVM Run-Time Metrics

NoSQL Query Latency

Applicaton MBean Metrics uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.

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