SQL Server 2005 Query Performance Tuning

Tuning SQL with AppDynamics for Databases

A good SQL Server 2005 query performance tuning solution is crucial to keep esponse times within acceptable limits. However, not knowing which slow SQL statements impact your end users could mean that you could spend a lot of time, maybe even days, weeks, months and years to optimize SQL statements. It is therefore to know exactly where to start, before undertaking any SQL Server 2005 query performance tuning project.

AppDynamics for Databases helps you to identify the bottlenecks are in your application and understand how they affect the application, end users and the business.

Key Benefits of AppDynamics:

Simple to install and use - for both DBA and application teams

Less than 1% overhead in production

Can be integrated with AppDynamics’ APM product

Easy to use

AppDynamics for Databases helps both DBAs and application teams to identify and troubleshoot long-running SQL queries in just a matter of seconds. With AppDynamics, optimizing SQL has never been easier.


AppDynamics for Databases is perfect for high production environments with less than 1% overhead.

All-in-one view

AppDynamics helps you seamlessly track all database platforms from a single view, allowing you to move between application monitoring and database monitoring - with just a single click.

Supported Database Platforms



SQL Server

Sybase ASE



"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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