Tuning MySQL Performance

Database Profiling and Tuning

AppDynamics for Databases makes tuning SQL quick and easy, access granular SQL performance management data and fix problems before it impacts end users. Besides, it allows you to diagnose performance problems between the application and the database tiers, unlike the usual SQL performance monitoring tools, .

Key Benefits of AppDynamics:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Less than 1 percent overhead
  • Integrated with AppDynamics' APM product

Easy to use

With AppDynamics for Databases, optimizing SQL is quick and easy. Application teams and DBAs detect and fix long-running SQL queries.


AppDynamics for Databases can effectively run in high-volume production environments overheads that are less than 1 percent.

All-in-one view

Monitor all database platforms from a single view, simplifying the move between application and database with a single click.

Designed for Operations and Development Teams

Tackle challenges that various application support teams (like such as Developers and Operations) face by detecting the cause of application performance issues. Slow SQL calls and stored procedures invoked by applications, are often the cause of large number of application problems (almost 50%). However databases have been a "black box" for application support teams.

Features of AppDynamics Pro for Databases are:

  • Production Ready: 1% overhead or less overheads in most production environments.
  • Application to Database drill-down: Successfully troubleshoot business transaction latency from the application into the database tiers and storage.
  • SQL explain/execution plans: Developers and database administrators to detect inefficient operations and diagnose the reason for slow running queries.
  • Historical analysis: Record database activities to allow users to detect and analyze performance slowdowns in the database tier.
  • Top database wait states: Offers visibility into database wait and CPU states and enables users to understand database resource usage and contention.
  • Storage visibility for NetApp: Offers the ability to correlate database performance with performance on NetApp storage.

Getting Started with AppDynamics for Databases

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