AppDynamics 3.0 Raises The Bar in Cloud Application Performance, Memory Leak Detection

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Enables Faster Mean-Time-to-Repair and Unmatched Visibility

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – October 5, 2010 – AppDynamics, Inc., the next-generation Application Performance Management (APM) company, announced today the release of AppDynamics 3.0. Designed specifically for highly distributed Java applications in cloud, virtual and hybrid environments, AppDynamics 3.0 sets new standards for cloud application performance management as well as automatic memory leak detection for Java applications in production.

Over the past year, AppDynamics has been working with cloud pioneers who leverage both public and private clouds to run and scale applications that generate billions of dollars in revenue. As a result of this direct customer experience, AppDynamics is the standard bearer for managing high-volume cloud applications.

With AppDynamics 3.0, AppDynamics introduces:

  • Dynamic Cluster Aggregation & Intelligent Instance Lifecycle Tracking: AppDynamics 3.0 adapts to dynamic changes in the number and identity of cloud instances as they happen, and self-learns “normal” performance levels accordingly.
  • Extreme Single-Application Scalability: To manage massive scale, AppDynamics 3.0 enables single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring of thousands of cloud nodes.


“In the similar way that service-oriented architectures and agile development cycles created a dramatic shift in the way applications must be managed, the cloud creates very specific application performance challenges. Legacy APM tools that assume that the same dedicated servers will persist and don’t automatically discover constantly changing resources will simply not work in cloud environments,” said AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal. “Cloud applications require a performance management solution that can dynamically discover, map, instrument and monitor the environment - even when 100 nodes appear or disappear on the fly.”

As companies re-architect their mission-critical applications to leverage caching strategies and improve performance, they realize they need new solutions to better monitor and troubleshoot memory leaks and thrash. What they find is that legacy solutions, like java profilers, are not a good fit for production environments. AppDynamics 3.0 is the first solution suitable for production environments that goes beyond leak detection to provide root cause analysis. AppDynamics 3.0 provides:

  • Automatic Leak Detection: For applications in production, AppDynamics 3.0 provides real-time monitoring of Java heaps and garbage collection to automatically detect memory leaks as they happen.
  • Root Cause Diagnostics: AppDynamics 3.0 provides actionable diagnostics by discovering the contents of a leak, identifying who is adding data to memory structures, as well as which business transaction or code path is causing it to grow.


“Memory leaks create havoc for countless organizations with mission-critical java applications,” continued Bansal. “Best case scenario, a memory leak causes your system to slow down, dragging application performance well below established SLAs. Worst case scenario, your servers crash completely and you don’t know why. By introducing Production Memory Monitoring and Diagnostics, AppDynamics 3.0 goes beyond simple leak detection, enabling organizations to diagnose the root cause of memory leaks and memory thrash.“

"At codecentric, we've been helping customers manage Java application performance for many years and we've seen a significant shift in how Java applications are designed and built,” said Mirko Novakovic, CEO of codecentric. “Companies who want to dramatically improve their application visibility and mean-time-to-resolution will find that AppDynamics is the best fit for modern application architectures."

AppDynamics 3.0 is generally available today as an on-premise solution or SaaS offering. For more information please visit: AppDynamics, Inc. - What's New.

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