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  • AppDynamics’ enhanced support and instrumentation allow customers to optimize application and business performance in open, Cloud Native environments

  • AppDynamics solutions for Pivotal Cloud Foundry provide visibility across clouds, wherever a transaction occurs, for faster issue resolution

AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015, LAS VEGAS – DECEMBER 2, 2015 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that it is collaborating with Pivotal® to provide application intelligence solutions for Pivotal’s Cloud Native platform – Pivotal Cloud Foundry – used by some of the world’s most admired brands such as CoreLogic, Mercedes, Allstate, and Verizon.

The collaboration will provide comprehensive application performance visibility into complex public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments that leverage Pivotal Cloud Foundry, enabling more companies to embrace software as a core competency. Developers who choose Pivotal Cloud Foundry will not only be able to quickly and reliably transition to a Cloud Native enterprise, but will also be able to leverage AppDynamics’ built-in application intelligence to auto-discover, monitor, and manage transactions end-to-end. This ensures enhanced DevOps collaboration and delivers key benefits in every phase of the development lifecycle — at dev/test, in staging and deployment, and in production.

“Our Fortune 500 customers recognize software development as a key competitive differentiator in bringing new products and services to market,” remarked Nima Badiey, head of business development, Cloud Foundry, at Pivotal. “Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables today’s modern enterprise to develop Cloud Native applications for any environment, with speed, consistently and reliably. AppDynamics helps ensure enterprises realize rapid time to value by quickly identifying and resolving performance in order to deliver a superior user experience.”

Integrating AppDynamics Into Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Flexible Architecture

AppDynamics’ integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry simplifies developer efforts by providing add-on services as tiles that are easy to download and install, with language buildpacks to accelerate and automate the process of instrumenting millions of lines of code.

With the AppDynamics service-broker tile, a developer simply imports and configures the APM connector within Pivotal Cloud Foundry – enabling customers to quickly and easily bind AppDynamics agents to any application created on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. AppDynamics is also extending support of its APM solutions to encompass Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Java and PHP language buildpacks, broadening the total application coverage footprint. This will streamline the move to open source cloud environments, while helping to ensure the highest performance of Cloud Native applications.

In addition, AppDynamics provides advanced tag-and-follow tracing to monitor application performance as transactions traverse the most complex public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Users get holistic visibility wherever a distributed transaction executes, to quickly identify bottlenecks that can disrupt digital businesses.

"CoreLogic's commitment to powering the real estate economy requires us to deliver new applications at scale," said Eric Ring, vice president, platform and cloud architecture at CoreLogic. “With AppDynamics and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we are able to drive a more efficient software delivery process. This allows us to quickly go to market with new products, and ultimately improve our client experience through high-performing applications. We are excited to see Pivotal and AppDynamics deepen their relationship and look forward to leveraging their solutions further in our development lifecycle."

Collaborating Closely Together

AppDynamics and Pivotal are collaborating to provide a comprehensive Cloud Native environment that enterprises can rely on from the spark of an idea to production and ongoing updates — at scale — often in a matter of days.

“Pivotal is widely known for providing highly agile, Cloud Native software methodology to help enterprises compete in a digital world,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances and business development for AppDynamics. “We are working closely together to ensure that software-driven companies using Pivotal Cloud Foundry can proactively monitor, manage, analyze, and optimize the most complex cloud environments to achieve optimum business success.”

AppDynamics will continue to team up with Pivotal to provide enterprises and developers with the assurance that regardless of what cloud environment they choose, they can count on real-time visibility into business transactions, improved development and management, and accurate analytics for better decision-making—to achieve greater business success.

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