AppDynamics Announces Major Milestone With More Than 100 Open Source Extensions Now Available for its Application Intelligence Platform

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Monitoring, alerting, big data, cloud connector and performance testing extensions empower IT operations with complete visibility into their environment in a unified dashboard

LAS VEGAS — APPSPHERE – Nov. 4, 2014 – AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, today announced a milestone of more than 100 extensions created and available within the open source community for the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform. Many enterprises run a combination of legacy, contemporary, and cutting-edge infrastructure components. The expanded ecosystem provides intelligent monitoring no matter the composition of the environment. Through the expanded ecosystem of extensions, users can more easily integrate with and extend the AppDynamics platform to monitor multiple complex systems in a single unified dashboard.                                                                          


The AppDynamics platform is open, extensible, and interoperable to fit any application intelligence need. Through the AppDynamics Exchange, our community comes together to share knowledge and contribute back extensions that provide deep integrations to the tools modern enterprises use daily such as Splunk, Apica, PagerDuty, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). From monitoring AWS costs to MEAS mainframes, the 100-plus open source, community-built extensions allow today’s businesses to easily leverage the tools already in place to monitor, alert, scale, and more.


  • Monitoring extensions integrate metrics from other monitoring systems and services including databases, LDAP servers, web servers, and more.


  • Alerting extensions allow creation of custom notifications to integrate AppDynamics health rule violations and events with alerting or ticketing systems.


  • Cloud auto-scaling extensions integrate cloud orchestration functionality such as creating, destroying, restarting, configuring, and validating machine and image instances.


  • REST API + SDKs enable retrieval of data from the AppDynamics system, including application and infrastructure metadata, metrics, events, and transaction snapshots. AppDynamics developer SDKs are available on GitHub.  View complete documentation to our REST API.


With these integrations, users can monitor metrics within a business context, rapidly remediate issues, and automate baselining to detect glitches.


The Application Intelligence Platform is a next-generation technology foundation for the AppDynamics portfolio of performance monitoring, automation, and analytics solutions that provide a simple, user-friendly interface enabling development, IT operations, and business professionals alike to understand their application data, troubleshoot performance issues, and make strategic business decisions.


“Customers need to monitor a large number of applications, operating systems, networks, and storage infrastructure to have a competitive advantage in today’s market,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management at AppDynamics. “Current solutions are heterogeneous and do not provide a single pane of glass for key functions like monitoring, automated response, or analytics. Our community-built extensions enhance the robustness of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, providing increased flexibility and deep visibility into all facets of the stack. They provide simple integration and intelligent monitoring, alerting, and automation for the most popular enterprise tools available including Hadoop, AWS, and Linux.”


Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of AppDynamics, said, “The rapid acceptance and clear value of the Application Intelligence Platform is proven by the growing ecosystem and community of user-created extensions, which make it even easier to see, act, and know the business impact of application performance through a single pane of glass. These extensions extend the reach and power of the AppDynamics platform in the enterprise, and empower customers to resolve problems more quickly and more significantly influence business outcomes.”

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