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Next-Generation Technology Provides Foundation for Operating Today’s Software-Defined Business with Real-time, All-the-time Visibility, Management and Analytics for Enterprise Applications

SAN FRANCISCO – April 29, 2014 – AppDynamics the application intelligence leader for the software-defined business, today announced the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform. The Application Intelligence Platform is a next generation technology foundation for the AppDynamics portfolio of performance monitoring, automation and analytics solutions that provide a simple, user-friendly interface enabling DevOps, IT Ops and business professionals alike to better understand their application data, troubleshoot performance issues and make well-informed business decisions. In short, the platform allows today’s businesses to see, act and know in a way they have never before been able to do. The platform brings certainty in an uncertain world.

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Software-defined businesses have complex, distributed, difficult-to-manage applications. Making sense of all the data, transactions, events and user interactions in these environments is increasingly difficult as the volume, variety and velocity of data grows. Current monitoring and management tools are complex to deploy and maintain, operate in disconnected silos, thereby limiting their usefulness and business value.

In response to the limitations of today’s solutions, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides an integrated view of actual transactions and provides comprehensive discovery and diagnostics capabilities, automatic visualization of application topology and real-time auto-remediation. This robust functionality provides businesses the solutions needed to convert data and information into actionable knowledge and intelligence that keeps them ahead of the curve. Building on the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is the newly announced Transaction Analytics product, a powerful solution allowing businesses to see in real-time the commercial or business value of user-transactions and how they correlate with operational data and overall application performance.

“With the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, businesses can see deep into all the applications and transactions running across the enterprise, quickly take action against any performance issues that may occur and provide the analytical intelligence to solve operational and business problems,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO, AppDynamics. “The Application Intelligence Platform provides the end-to-end certainty necessary to make strategic decisions to run, strengthen and grow your business.”

See Everything. Act with Certainty. Know Faster.

AppDynamics has the only application intelligence solution that caters to the nuanced and specific needs of today’s software-defined business. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform enables customers to see everything across all front and back-end interactions: business transaction and code-level visibility with no blind spots. This allows organizations to act with certainty as business context enables proactive operations.

Key Features and Benefits of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform:

  • Scalable to handle large, complex, enterprise environments with ease
  • Provides enterprise grade security with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), LDAP and SaaS certifications
  • Lightweight, intelligent data collection to ensure low production overhead in the market
  • Self-learning, auto-instrumentation, and minimal configuration enables simple and intuitive operation for any size business
  • REST API and ecosystem integrations support extensibility
  • Flexible architecture to provide full support for on-premise, SaaS or hybrid deployment

Data Processing capabilities

Data processing and correlation is one of the most important elements working with large complex data sets:

  • Time series clustering and analytics provides the ability to index and manage time series by auto rolling up, purging or clustering data sets by time increments
  • Behavioral learning is an engine that continuously adjusts dynamic baselines for an automated manageable data set
  • Unstructured and structured big data indexing creates a data warehouse for different types of application data which is seamlessly correlated and processed

Converting Data into Knowledge

  • Intuitive user interface (UI) allows for a simple and easy-to-use platform for business users, developers and operations teams
  • Dynamic flow maps create a clear and understandable visual representation of the application topology, so organizations understand what is happening in the big picture
  • Cross-correlated drill down from anywhere in the UI, enabling pin-point accuracy across multiple nodes and machines
  • Real-time correlation of performance metrics and business metrics create a business understanding of data never before delivered
  • Compare and analyze the side-by side performance of different versions of an application
  • Custom drag and drop HTML5 dashboards can be configured to any specification to deliver clear actionable results

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