AppDynamics Announces Performance Monitoring for Windows Azure

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New release offers easy-to-try Monitoring-as-a-Service solution built for Windows Azure.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 7, 2012 – a leading application performance management (APM) solution provider for modern application architectures, announced today a relationship with Microsoft Corp. that enables Windows Azure users to monitor and scale their applications in Windows Azure. Organizations running their revenue-critical applications on Microsoft’s cloud platform can now gain full visibility into their applications and rapidly troubleshoot performance problems.

While traditional monitoring tools provided some level of visibility, they often had blind spots that limited their ability to rapidly pinpoint and fix performance problems. Now, with AppDynamics, Windows Azure users can get full visibility into the end-to-end performance of every business transaction and quickly isolate problems with code-level diagnostics.

“We are excited about AppDynamics’ solution on Windows Azure and look forward to working with them. Their solution helps businesses gain greater visibility into the performance of their applications running on Windows Azure,” said Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president, Windows Azure App Platform, Microsoft.

Customers seeking to simply migrate their applications to the cloud and use traditional server monitoring tools or legacy APM software quickly find themselves stymied. Such obsolete strategies require manual configuration and instrumentation, and they are incapable of monitoring highly elastic cloud environments without producing gaping blind spots. In contrast, AppDynamics’ automatic instrumentation and configuration make it a perfect fit for managing cloud environments with a high rate of change. In addition, AppDynamics’ auto-scaling feature allows Windows Azure customers to automatically provision Windows Azure resource based on the performance and throughput of business transactions.

Windows Azure users will be able to try AppDynamics for free for 30 days through the Windows Azure Marketplace. With AppDynamics, Windows Azure users can:

  • Monitor the health of their Windows Azure application
  • Troubleshoot performance problems in real time
  • Rapidly diagnose root cause of performance problems
  • Dynamically scale up and scale down their Windows Azure application

“Windows Azure is world class, and we’re looking forward to supporting their customers with an application performance management solution that’s built from the ground up for cloud-based production applications,” said Jyoti Bansal, Founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “Migrating to the cloud can be a scary step for many application owners. We’re happy to be able to give application support teams the confidence that their applications will meet their SLAs, as well as scale to meet the needs of their business.”

With the release of AppDynamics Pro 3.4.3 today, Windows Azure customers can now monitor and troubleshoot applications that leverage:

  • Windows Azure Compute
  • Windows Azure Service Bus
  • Windows Azure SQL
  • Windows Azure Storage

To provide the best possible solution for Windows Azure users, AppDynamics has made available its multi-tenant Monitoring-as-a-Service platform within Windows Azure itself. This minimizes the network bandwidth costs for Windows Azure customers using AppDynamics because they will not have to transfer monitoring data outside of Windows Azure. In addition, online support, documentation and training are all available directly through the Windows Azure Marketplace.

AppDynamics is available now on the Windows Azure Marketplace. Free trials of AppDynamics Pro for Windows Azure last for 30 days and then revert to AppDynamics Lite for Windows Azure, which is free indefinitely. For more information, please visit

.NET application owners who currently manage production applications in their own physical data center can also benefit from AppDynamics. To take advantage of AppDynamics free solution for .NET monitoring, please visit or register to try AppDynamics Pro for 30 days at

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