AppDynamics selected by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

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AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform chosen by CERN to monitor performance of critical business applications

SAN FRANCISCO – MARCH 1, 2016 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that it is working with CERN, one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is enabling greater visibility across a complex structure of web applications and servers, which provide access to administrative applications to around 15,000 scientists and employees across CERN’s global network.

After initial success using AppDynamics solutions for database monitoring, CERN’s Administrative Information Systems (AIS) group decided to deploy AppDynamics to monitor and analyse the performance of its critical business applications. This decision was driven by the need for real-time, end-to-end performance monitoring to ensure consistent availability of critical applications that power administrative functions, such as electronic document handling, employee training and public outreach, as well as managing interventions on vital machinery, such as the centre’s particle accelerator and detectors, used in its research.

As CERN is an intergovernmental organisation focused on research, all its digital initiatives are driven to provide reliable services to its researchers and collaborators. CERN required an application performance monitoring (APM) tool which could be deployed quickly and encourage collaboration and innovation by giving developers immediate insight into any emerging software issues that could hamper the pace of its research work.

Benjamin Wolff, software engineer at CERN, said, “In a fast-paced industry where information sharing is everything, digital performance is vital to our work, and our team relies on all our machines and digital services working smoothly. AppDynamics gives us monitoring, troubleshooting and analytics all in one platform, so we can identify problems at remarkable speed, act on them sooner, and see more granular detail on how our applications are running. Adoption rates of the AppDynamics platform across the developer team have been very high, with its easy-to-use dashboard, giving us essential, real-time visibility of our applications’ inner workings.”

Jeremy Duggan, vice president, EMEA, at AppDynamics, said, “Digital transformation should be a top priority for any organisation, whether they are a consumer-facing business or a research body like CERN. CERN is a pioneer in its field, leading the global scientific agenda with its research into the fundamental laws of our universe. This research is reliant on researchers being able to collaborate wherever they are. The complex infrastructure of its machinery must also perform flawlessly, so having real-time insights into the health of its digital systems is key. We look forward to working closely with CERN’s AIS team to deliver seamless performance across its business applications, providing benefits to its world-leading scientific research.”

AppDynamics has also hosted an exclusive webinar with Benjamin Wolff, software engineer, CERN. Wolff, who facilitated the deployment of AppDynamics’ solutions and coordinated implementation with the AppDynamics developer team, discussed the partnership in more detail, and why having end-to-end visibility on the performance of CERN’s business applications is key to its digital success.

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