AppDynamics Unveils AppDynamics Summer ‘16 with New Microservices iQ—Setting a New Standard for Application Intelligence for DevOps

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Microservices iQ in Summer ‘16 extends AppDynamics’ existing App iQ Platform—empowering enterprises to deliver performances that exceeds the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers

Leading digital brands including DIRECTV, eHarmony, Kraft, MTV Networks, NASDAQ, Pearson, Progressive Insurance and Sephora driving application performance with AppDynamics

SAN FRANCISCO – Aug. 1, 2016 – AppDynamics, an application intelligence leader powering enterprise digital transformation, today announced its Summer ‘16 release, which includes the new Microservices iQ, the industry’s first solution built for the enterprise to accelerate digital transformation powered by microservices. Microservices iQ, a new Performance Engine in the App iQ Platform, will help enable enterprises to deliver application performances that exceed the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers.

Uber and Amazon have established the new standard for customer experiences—global, mobile and at internet scale. Many enterprises envy their speed and scale and are attempting to emulate their disruptive innovation by investing aggressively in technology. As proven out by these industry leaders, one of the fastest paths to continuous and scalable innovation are microservices—one of the most promising trends in enterprise IT architectures. Companies are moving to microservices from monolithic applications for their agility and the fact that they can reduce application development lead times by nearly 75 percent. In fact, approximately 70 percent of organizations are using or investigating microservices, according to a recent report. 

“Every enterprise is in the midst of a digital transformation and looking for a faster and smarter way to manage their evolution,” said David Wadhwani, president and CEO, AppDynamics. “The world’s largest companies are eager to embrace microservices but are waiting for a scalable way of managing the potential impact on their IT infrastructures. With AppDynamics, they have the proven platform to accelerate their digital transformation and help future-proof their microservices investments.”

With the AppDynamics Summer ‘16 release, AppDynamics will deliver Microservices iQ with capabilities for the monitoring, management and optimization of microservices architectures. Enterprises are breaking up their large, rigid, monolithic applications into smaller, more manageable pieces with microservices. Microservices require many more application server instances to run the smaller pieces, creating a significantly larger footprint of application instances.

Until Microservices iQ, companies didn't have the means to monitor, manage or bolster their performance in enterprise production environments. Now, they can accelerate their microservices deployments and gain control of their performance with Microservices iQ capabilities, including:

  • Service Endpoints—Microservices iQ automatically detects the service endpoints of a microservices architecture, enabling companies to shine a spotlight on a particular microservice without worrying about potentially multiple business transactions that use it. DevOps teams can then monitor that microservice’s key performance indicators (KPIs) like calls per minute, average response time, and errors per minute from early in the development lifecycle through production. Snapshots with detailed diagnostics enable DevOps teams to drill down and isolate the root cause of any performance issues affecting any microservices. Microservices are developed in isolation, and then used by one or more business transactions. Now DevOps teams can focus on their areas of responsibility, making them more efficient, while AppDynamics helps ensure the broader business is performing.
  • Elasticity Management—In highly dynamic environments, with microservices deployed in containers or the cloud, underlying infrastructure nodes can scale up and down rapidly, creating a significant operational challenge to track their performance. Microservices iQ uses a logical identity system to solve this and maintains historical data under these identities, making it easy and efficient to keep track of them continuously. Companies can now focus on the health of their microservices overall, without being distracted by fluctuations of hosts or containers starting and stopping.
  • Contention Analysis—Microservices often must scale to support thousands of simultaneous requests, which raises the likelihood of bottlenecks as requests try to access the same data. When used within the scope of service endpoints the new thread contention analyzer helps identify methods where threads are blocked–identifying block time, blocking object and the blocking line of code. Thus significantly minimizing the time required to isolate and resolve application performance issues with microservices and the business transactions invoking them. Now companies can scale their microservices with confidence that the potentially thousands of simultaneous requests will succeed.

Microservices iQ extends AppDynamics’ existing App iQ Platform that enables enterprises to deliver performance that exceeds the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers. The platform is the foundation to AppDynamics’ customers’ success and powered by intelligent Performance Engines. These intelligent performance engines work in concert to help ensure enterprises can deliver peak performance across any application, user engagement and business transaction.

Comments on the News

  • “When it comes to risk management, our application is more than business critical—our customers rely on our application to ensure their employees' safety,” said Nuno Pereira, CTO, iJET International. “By using microservices, we have the ability to scale our application based on desired business outcomes and can make updates more effectively. With AppDynamics, we gain better visibility into how microservices interface with the rest of the components of our application, the ability to proactively troubleshoot emerging issues, and the increased velocity to resolve issues faster than ever."
  • “Every company wants to become the disruptor in their industry, but doesn’t have the means to overcome the complexities presented by digital transformation,” said Donnie Berkholz, research director of Development, DevOps and IT Op, 451 Research. “Microservices are the future of how enterprises swiftly make the change and AppDynamics has the smart approach to managing performance during the transition with its platform.”

AppDynamics empowers enterprises, including DIRECTV, eHarmony, Kraft, MTV Networks, NASDAQ, Pearson, Progressive Insurance and Sephora to deliver performances that exceed the expectations of today’s customers. With a single view of their application portfolios, the ability to drill into any particular line of the potentially billions of lines of code flowing through their environments, enterprises can then deliver peak performance during their digital transformation. AppDynamics’ industry leading unified monitoring suite of applications, including Application Performance Management, End-User Monitoring, Infrastructure Visibility and Application Analytics enables companies to optimize every endpoint, node and microservice on the journey.

Pricing and Availability

  • AppDynamics Summer ’16 is expected to be generally available in August 2016
  • Microservices iQ Performance Engine will be included in licenses of AppDynamics’ Application Performance Management solution for no additional cost

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