AppDynamics Upgrades Application Analytics To Deliver Insights That Drive Successful Digital Transformation

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  • Automatic out-of-the-box collection of broad range of data sets — including custom data sets — to connect the dots in real time between application performance, user behaviors, and business outcomes

  • Advanced query language supports more powerful search and deeper insights

  • New out-of-the-box widgets, interactive custom dashboards, and reporting to share with teams

  • Increased security with role-based access control and single sign-on to support enterprise deployments

AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015, LAS VEGAS – DECEMBER 1, 2015 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced significant enhancements to its Application Analytics solution that make it an essential tool to support software-defined enterprises planning for or in the midst of digital transformation. The updated Application Analytics provides the deep, timely, actionable insights needed to proactively manage user experience, and to accurately correlate application performance with business metrics — two essential pillars for the success of digitally driven businesses. The enhancements are part of the Winter ’16 Release, an overall update of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, which uniquely supports application performance and analytics use cases.

Application Analytics is a rich and extensible data platform designed to directly ingest and analyze data from a range of sources, including AppDynamics Mobile and Browser Real-User Monitoring, APM, business transactions, and logs, as well as other sources via API. The platform auto-correlates business transactions and log data from multiple sources to provide intelligent end-to-end insight into the digital user journey, and the corresponding impact on business metrics. In addition to its own extensive set of visualization tools, Application Analytics can export data via API for use with other tools.

“AppDynamics Application Analytics has enabled us to optimise the customer experience and business outcomes of our software applications,” said Neil Riddaway, site reliability manager at the Hut Group, the UK’s leading, multi-site online retailer, which is rapidly expanding internationally. “We strive to merge IT and business goals in order to be speaking one language and have one version of the truth. The AppDynamics platform provides real-time analysis and insights into our application, user experience and customer engagement, resulting in improved segmentation and usage analysis, improving business results. We can now make data-driven decisions, in real time, using actual customer information, rather than a mixture of art and science."

In a recent survey by Dimensional Research*, 96 percent of Web and application stakeholders said it is important to get business impact and performance metrics quickly; nearly half say it is “very” important. But only one in three track business and performance metrics in real time. Application Analytics enables enterprises to access their data in real time and leverage it in timely fashion to positively impact their business outcomes.

“Today’s applications generate a lot of data — user interactions, business transactions, logs, custom data,” says Kalyan Ramanathan, vice president of product marketing for AppDynamics. “But that data has to be stitched together to create the kinds of personalized, contextual experiences that users today expect.  Businesses need that data and the insights it provides so they can guide users successfully through their digital journey.

“In a nutshell, Application Analytics connects the dots in real time between user behavior, application performance, and business metrics so that enterprises can take the actions needed to meet their business goals.”

Application Analytics makes data accessible via an SQL-like dynamic query (AppDynamics Query Language - ADQL) language that enables advanced, fast, nested data searches across multiple datasets, and supports rapid ad hoc analyses in real time. And it makes the insights compelling for any digital transformation initiative via a suite of out-of-the-box widgets and interactive custom dashboards. New reporting capabilities also make it fast and easy to share results with other team members and senior management.

Rounding out the list of major updates to Application Analytics is role-based security control that enhances security for sensitive business and customer data, while at the same time simplifying access for users within the context of their permissions.

*Dimensional Research survey of more than 400 Web and mobile application stakeholders was conducted in November 2015, sponsored by AppDynamics.

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