AppDynamics Winter ’16 Release Powers Up Unified Monitoring For Rapid Troubleshooting In The Most Complex Environments

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  • Server Infrastructure Monitoring provides application-centric view of server performance in context of business transactions

  • Service Availability Monitoring, an add-on to Server Monitoring, delivers availability and performance metrics for HTTP services

  • C/C++ monitoring extends AppDynamics language portfolio, ensures end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous application environments

  • Application and infrastructure monitoring expanded with more than two dozen new extensions; a host of new AWS extensions available

AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015, LAS VEGAS – DECEMBER 1, 2015 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced enhancements to its Unified Monitoring solution that broaden the scope of AppDynamics infrastructure monitoring and application language support. With its Winter ’16 Release, AppDynamics is releasing an enhanced and updated version of Server Infrastructure Monitoring, giving enterprises a unique application-centric view of server performance to support rapid troubleshooting of poor end-user experience. The new release also moves C/C++ monitoring from beta to general availability, bringing the powerful capabilities of AppDynamics Application Performance Management to C/C++ applications. The company also announced the availability of more than two dozen new extensions that expand AppDynamics’ monitoring capabilities to more application and infrastructure components, including many for Amazon Web Services.

Like all other components of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, Server Infrastructure Monitoring leverages business transaction context to provide insights with server dependency and metric views. This application-centric view enables enterprises to quickly drill down from the application flow map to identify and resolve server issues that impact user experience.

Server Infrastructure Monitoring is an integral component of AppDynamics Unified Monitoring, joining end-user, application, and database monitoring to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end view of the entire application ecosystem. Unified Monitoring breaks down the silos that occur when multiple performance management tools are used, and dramatically speeds up MTTR (mean time to resolution) to minimize the impact of issues on user experience.

A recent survey of individuals with a stake in application performance, conducted by Dimensional Research*, found that less than a quarter have integrated tools that provide a single, unified view of application performance; 75 percent report having standalone or “mostly” standalone tools.

“It is absolutely critical in today’s complex and highly distributed application environments to have a single, unified view of the performance of business transactions from the user to the application to the server infrastructure,” said Kalyan Ramanathan, vice president of product marketing for AppDynamics. “An enterprise can’t be a successful digital business if its view of performance has to be pieced together from data generated by siloed tools. You just can’t see the transaction sequence holistically to understand exactly where problems are occurring. And you can’t react quickly enough to ensure user experience is protected.”

Server Infrastructure Monitoring provides comprehensive CPU, memory, disk, networking, and running processes metrics for Linux and Windows servers. With the new solution, customers can drill down to detailed server metrics directly from the end-to-end application flow map while troubleshooting application performance issues.

Available as an add-on to Server Monitoring, the Service Availability Monitoring pack delivers availability and basic performance metrics for HTTP services running on servers not monitored via an AppDynamics agent.

"Bringing server monitoring and APM together into one live, real-time dashboard within the same tool helps us rapidly troubleshoot application performance issues," said Marcel Lichter, team lead, data centre management at RWE Supply & Trading, one of Europe's leading energy trading houses. "If there's an application issue caused by a server, it points us directly to the server that's causing the problem, allowing for a faster and more efficient way to resolve issues before they impact the application stack and ultimately, the end-user."

Also supporting the comprehensive capabilities of AppDynamics Unified Monitoring, C/C++ application monitoring becomes generally available with the Winter ’16 Release. With the monitoring capabilities provided by the C/C++ agent SDK, enterprises can leverage powerful AppDynamics monitoring capabilities to manage their C/C++ applications. Those capabilities include automatic discovery and mapping of all tiers that service and interact with the C/C++ applications, automatic dynamic baselining, data collectors, and health rules, as well as managing key metrics including application load and response times, and key system resources including CPU, memory, and disk I/O.

As with AppDynamics’ support for other essential application languages, C/C++ monitoring gives IT operations an end-to-end view of business transactions, from user to database, and enables drill down from the application flow map to support rapid root cause identification and resolution.

Concurrently with the Winter ’16 Release, AppDynamics also announced the release of 25 new extensions, including 19 for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) components. The AppDynamics Exchange now offers nearly 150 extensions to extend monitoring coverage for specific application and infrastructure components.

*Dimensional Research survey of more than 400 Web and mobile application stakeholders was conducted in November 2015, sponsored by AppDynamics.

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