Big Data Transforming IT and Becoming Core to DevOps Trend New Research Says

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  • “Advanced Operations Analytics” transforming the world of IT; 20x improvement in hybrid cloud adoption
  • Overarching capabilities of data assimilation and analysis boost efficiency of IT in a wide variety of use cases

SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 15, 2014 — AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, today announced key findings of new, cutting-edge research into the subject of “operational analytics” conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and partially underwritten by AppDynamics. The EMA Research Report, The Many Faces of Advanced Operations Analytics, asked 150 US respondents and 100 European respondents about their utilization of and experience with advanced operations analytics (AOA) — EMA's term for big data as used by IT for a variety of purposes, including optimizing service performance, minimizing security issues, managing change, optimizing capacity across the extended enterprise, and ultimately governing IT more effectively as a business in support of the business it serves.

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The report revealed that the most effective AOA investments are blending these formerly separate areas. On average, respondents reported five use cases for each AOA deployment, with some reporting 10 or more. Advanced Operations Analytics solutions were supporting roles across both IT and the business, including roles related to business planning and online operations. There was particularly strong interest in AOA for DevOps and cloud, with two-thirds of respondents planning to support DevOps with AOA. In fact, those who were ‘extremely successful’ in AOA were 20 times more likely to be ‘very successful’ in their hybrid cloud adoptions than those who were only ‘moderately successful’ or less in AOA. 

“AOA investments can and should be transformative,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president at Enterprise Management Associates. “It is an overarching layer of capability for data assimilation and analysis with multiple use cases and many potentially applicable technologies. That’s because, through its many different data sources, AOA can capture a whole host of patterns and learn from them in a way that’s both new and surprising.”

AppDynamics Application Intelligence provides the critical application performance data needed for advanced operations analytics. Through its state-of-the-art monitoring for Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications, AppDynamics provides full visibility and performance data for an enterprise’s entire application ecosystem — the kind of visibility and data that enables development, operations, and business teams to effectively collaborate, and that empowers IT to manage change, optimize resources, and bring value to the business side of the equation.

“From the outset, we’ve built products based on the understanding that an organization’s business performance is tied directly to the performance and overall health of its software environment,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “So while the report shows that, at the moment, more companies choose to build in-house AOA solutions than to buy them, we’re confident that the maturing of this market will lead to increased appreciation of the value of proven solutions such as ours — and dramatic growth in our business.”

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