Glassdoor Uses AppDynamics To Improve Web Response Time by 75 Percent — Over a Dozen Application Performance Monitoring Solutions Evaluated

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Page views and time spent on site also go up “considerably”; Glassdoor adds AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring to further optimize member experience

SAN FRANCISCO – NOVEMBER 25, 2014 – Glassdoor, the leading jobs and recruiting community, has posted dramatic improvements to its website performance, and credits much of the change to its deployment of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform. Glassdoor has slashed server response time, its critical performance metric, from 800 milliseconds to its goal of 200 milliseconds, an improvement of 75 percent.

“Performance matters,” says Ryan Aylward, Glassdoor chief technology officer. “Our more than 26 million members don’t want to use our website unless our site is fast, creating a positive and helpful experience for them. As a web- and mobile-based business, we can’t afford to let performance issues impact our growing membership. The business depends on job seekers and employers having instant access to the millions of employee- and employer-generated data points we offer on site.”

When Glassdoor faced speed challenges due to increased traffic and content, with some members bouncing, Glassdoor initiated a search for a partner to help with web performance. After evaluating a dozen application performance monitoring solutions, Glassdoor chose AppDynamics for its deep application visibility and overall ease of use. The results have validated that decision. In addition to reducing server response time by 75 percent, Aylward says that both page-views and time spent on the site have gone up “considerably.”

AppDynamics gives Glassdoor visibility into the root cause of performance issues with a degree of granularity that radically simplifies problem-solving. Information-packed yet understandable dashboards and intuitive reporting tools have made it easy for Glassdoor to reap the benefits of AppDynamics without extensive training. The partnership has been so successful that Glassdoor recently expanded its implementation of the AppDynamics platform.

“We recently added AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring,” Aylward said. “So we’re going to be able to see not just how the response time is over actual servers, but actually see performance from a mobile perspective, which is really important for us in our native applications with our mobile traffic only continuing to increase.”

Aylward credits AppDynamics with a big role in growing Glassdoor’s user base to more than 26 million worldwide. The AppDynamics platform has become an essential component in Glassdoor’s application management strategy; it’s a vital tool that IT checks every morning.

“If I can look at AppDynamics and it shows me things are healthy and good, the rest of my day is starting on the right foot,” Aylward said. “It’s hard for me to imagine running our business and running our technology without a tool like AppDynamics.”

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