iJET Accelerates Risk Intelligence Response for Mobile Travelers with AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

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iJET standardizes on a ‘single source of truth’ for application performance optimization to support real-time threat analysis delivery worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 12, 2016 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that iJET International, a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, has chosen the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to help optimize application performance across its application development, operations, and support teams.  

iJET International provides real-time threat analysis for more than 14 million of its customers’ business trips, over 100,000 facilities, and other assets across five continents via the company’s Java-based application environment. According to Nuno Pereira, chief technology officer at iJET, “Customers rely on our applications to assess the impact of threats, whether natural, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, or geopolitical, such as terrorist activities or political unrest in areas around the globe.” He added, “Risk conditions change continuously, so to us, end-to-end application performance is extremely critical.”

Prior to deploying the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, application troubleshooting at iJET required logging into multiple systems and spending considerable time analyzing various logs. “Now, AppDynamics is the first tool we turn to if there’s an issue, bar none,” said Pereira. “With the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, a single person can quickly pinpoint performance issues while the rest of my team continues to add business value, rather than having my entire team scramble into root cause analysis. To us, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform has been absolutely game-changing. Overall, my teams are happier and they feel more in control. And with one person pinpointing issues—rather than over 40 technologists throughout multiple teams—the return on investment is substantial.”

iJET is currently using AppDynamics Database Monitoring and AppDynamics’ Java Application Performance Monitoring solutions to gain an end-to-end view of transactions from its Oracle databases and across its Java application environment. The company is in the process of implementing AppDynamics Real User Monitoring for mobile applications.

Pereira credits the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform for giving his team the uncanny ability to look behind the curtain to see what’s happening and immediately get real metrics around error rates. Further, it allows iJET to tune its environment to be more reliable. “Today, we actually get a lot more information about the applications we’re running than our managed service provider has access to,” added Pereira.

“We are thrilled to work with world-class companies like iJET International to help ensure business-critical application performance,” said AppDynamics founder and executive chairman Jyoti Bansal. “We look forward to helping further enhance user experience and application reliability as iJET extends the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform all the way to mobile devices with AppDynamics Real User Monitoring.” 

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iJET International (iJET) provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET's end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats, mitigate risk and protect their people, assets, and reputation. Founded in 1999, iJET is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, U.S. with regional offices in London and Singapore and country offices in Japan, India and Germany. For more information, please visit www.iJET.com.

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