Logistics, Transportation, and Warehouse Leader CaseStack Drives Better Decision-Making, Vendor Collaboration, and Business Value with AppDynamics

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  • Improved performance for its Carrier Rating Engine application drives more business to CaseStack
  • CaseStack gains end-to-end visibility and instrumentation for entire .NET and SQL technology stack

SAN FRANCISCO – APRIL 5, 2016 –  AppDynamics, an application intelligence leader powering enterprise digital transformation, today announced that CaseStack, an industry leader in collaborative retail consolidation programs, supply chain management, and integrated warehousing services, has chosen the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform for end-to-end application performance monitoring and optimization across its integrated logistics and supply chain management applications. Overall, AppDynamics is helping CaseStack to execute on its digital transformation initiatives.

“After a competitive review and evaluating multiple solutions, we realized that the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provided a higher level of capability and support,” said Craig Huber, chief information officer of CaseStack.

Prior to selecting AppDynamics, CaseStack did not have an integrated APM solution. “In the past, there was a lot of finger-pointing when performance issues occurred. Was it a network issue? A database problem? Poor code? The truth is, we didn’t know,” stated Huber. “Today, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is making a significant impact by giving us proactive capabilities to find and fix performance issues before our customers or supply chain partners bring them to our attention. Adding these capabilities is essential to fuel our company’s digital transformation initiatives.”

CaseStack is currently in its initial deployment phase, implementing performance dashboards and training developers and database administrators on how to use the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform as they refine and test code prior to deploying into production every two weeks.

As part of its logistics services, CaseStack places nearly a million orders a year with quality carriers. The company relies on its Carrier Rating Engine to rapidly procure transportation quotes from dozens of negotiated carriers. Poor application performance would periodically time out transactions of CaseStack’s “best value” carriers, resulting in more expensive estimates and lost business.

According to Huber, “We lose revenue when our applications run slowly. It impacts our decisions on choosing the best transportation partners and delays warehouse collaboration and order fulfillment. Poor application performance can negatively impact customer satisfaction and result in missed delivery dates, cancelled orders, and late delivery penalties from major retailers. By implementing the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, we can now see transaction performance of each order and start to determine where the problem lies. The solution even allows us to help our partners shore up their infrastructure when they are responsible for slowdowns.

“Our business is based upon helping clients lower supply chain costs by getting their products to retailers faster, cheaper, and on time. Application performance will play a crucial role in helping us achieve these objectives.”

AppDynamics Founder and Chairman Jyoti Bansal continues to see the real-world impact of providing responsive, predictable performance for business-critical applications. “Logistical and supply chain efficiencies, such as those afforded by CaseStack, provide incredible value to retail businesses,” said Bansal. “We are thrilled that CaseStack is using the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to further enhance its services and boost customer satisfaction.” 

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