London School of Economics Selects AppDynamics to Help Improve User Experience Across Digital University Resources

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SAN FRANCISCO – SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 — AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of the world’s leading universities, has deployed the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to help improve performance and end user experience across its online university services.

LSE is a globally recognized university which caters to approximately 9,600 full-time students and more than 125,000 alumni. With overseas students coming from over 140 countries, there is growing demand for online student resources to enable remote access before term starts.

The university experiences dramatic peaks in visits to and usage of its online properties at the start and end of its academic years, when staff and students start interacting ahead of term. With course modules and seminars being provisioned on a first-come, first-served basis, if applications are not performing flawlessly, students could lose out and feel short-changed.

LSE selected AppDynamics because it needed to quickly improve the performance of its online services in order to attract students and remain competitive in the higher education market. The lack of an application performance management solution made finding the causes of performance issues challenging.

The internal application development team works alongside the systems and databases teams, looking after student and staff portals and enterprise applications across the wider organization. These core applications are used by students to choose courses, check their fees and grades, and pay for services. Staff use them to keep tabs on their students, and the Student Union uses them to run their elections.

AppDynamics is helping LSE to streamline its management of online services and deliver better quality of teaching to students overall. “We want to move towards a DevOps model where we can deploy rapidly and more cost effectively, and respond quicker to end user demands,” says Ron Riley, enterprise technology manager at LSE. “LSE’s complex architecture has many moving parts, which can make it challenging to identify and remediate bottlenecks that impact the performance of our services. AppDynamics has been paramount to improving this. It allows us to drill down into every line of code. Before it was more of a guessing game, but now we can spot issues quickly and resolve them before they affect user experience.”

AppDynamics provides LSE with end-to-end visibility across all its online operations so it can improve monitoring, locate issues faster, and resolve any potential threats to performance. LSE selected AppDynamics due to speed of deployment and excellent customer service.

Jeremy Duggan, vice president of AppDynamics Europe, commented, “A sharp rise in tuition fees in recent years has heightened student expectations of university services, making it essential to ensure flawless performance and service in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Now more than ever, technology plays an important role in helping institutions deliver slick online resources to users. We look forward to working with LSE as it continues to use its online applications to deliver a first-class learning experience to students.”

The AppDynamics platform has had a positive impact already with LSE, and the university hopes to roll out operational and business dashboards across other areas in order to provide wider visibility and strengthen performance across the business. LSE intends to extend beyond Unified Monitoring to include comprehensive Application Analytics in the future, which enables organizations to capture and analyze every performance detail of every business transaction flowing through their applications.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive solution enabling companies and government entities to maximize business and application performance. The platform is designed and architected to help give business and government users the confidence that their applications are running at their best, to give IT personnel the operational visibility and control they need, and to give end users the great experiences they’ve come to expect and demand.

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About London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) studies the social sciences in their broadest sense, with an academic profile spanning a wide range of disciplines, from economics, politics and law to sociology, information systems, and accounting and finance.

The school has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and is one of the most international universities in the world. Its study of social, economic, and political problems focuses on the different perspectives and experiences of most countries. From its foundation, LSE has aimed to be a laboratory of the social sciences, a place where ideas are developed, analysed, evaluated, and disseminated around the globe. Visit for more information.

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