Qorvo Cuts Production Line Interruptions By 60+ Percent And Scales Apps For Growth With AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

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Ability to pinpoint with precision the exact line of code causing issues is a “magical tool”

SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 14, 2016 – AppDynamics, an application intelligence leader powering enterprise digital transformation, today announced that Qorvo, a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile infrastructure and aerospace/defense applications, has chosen the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to optimize performance of and address growth demands on its critical semiconductor design and production systems.

Qorvo’s engineering and semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia depend on business-critical .NET applications that tie engineering systems to the manufacturing environment that drives wafer fabrication on Qorvo’s shop floors. According to Aparajit Saigal, manufacturing IT team lead at Qorvo, “Performance hindrances to any one of our applications can cause a bottleneck in the fabrication plant or on the shop floor, resulting in late delivery, lots of overtime, and lost revenue. As the company continued to grow, our applications simply couldn’t scale.” 

After writing its own application monitoring code and performing manual analysis in an ongoing attempt to address application and database performance issues, Qorvo began looking at application performance monitoring solutions. The semiconductor manufacturer chose AppDynamics after comparing the capabilities of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform and other APM competitors.

“The fact that AppDynamics offers solutions for monitoring distributed applications and provides an integrated view across applications, databases, and platforms was a huge advantage over competitive offerings,” Saigal said. “Our legacy application spans databases, storage, Active Directory, and a vast assortment of endpoints. Other APM vendors couldn’t figure out how to implement their solution or scale it in our complex environment.”

Saigal estimates that AppDynamics Application Performance Management has helped his team reduce interruptions to production by at least 60 to 70 percent. “The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform gives us true end-to-end visibility across application transactions,” Saigal said. “We can determine the amount of time taken for each and every request, and drill down into each function and locate the exact line of code causing issues. It’s a truly magical tool.”

AppDynamics’ Chief Technology Officer Bhaskar Sunkara said, “Qorvo is in an exciting and critical technology sector, creating and manufacturing the semiconductors that make advanced communications possible. We’re pleased that they have chosen AppDynamics to give them the visibility, control, and insight into their application performance that they need to ensure efficient operations with little downtime. Our solution will scale effortlessly with them as their business continues to rapidly expand. It’s a great fit, and we’re proud to be on their team.”

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