The Motley Fool Selects the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to Proactively Identify Performance Issues and Improve End User Experience

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AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides code level visibility and Unified Monitoring across Motley Fool’s .NET, Python, and Django application stacks

SAN FRANCISCO – OCTOBER 7, 2015 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that The Motley Fool, a leading provider of investment and financial media, has selected the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform for performance insights into its .NET, Python, and Django application stacks. With AppDynamics, Motley Fool gains visibility into application performance issues; increases productivity across its engineering organization; and realizes insights that support business goals across its development, operations, and business teams.

Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool is dedicated to helping the world invest through its websites, podcasts, books, newspaper columns, radio shows, and premium newsletter services. Powered by a diverse range of technologies, The Motley Fool engineering team replaced their outdated profilers and logs with AppDynamics to diagnose production problems.

“The development team would debate with operations about the root cause of performance issues,” said Anne Baynes, a systems engineer at The Motley Fool. “AppDynamics has ended our debates and guesswork surrounding the root of performance problems.”

When the team installed AppDynamics, they immediately discovered the power and scale that the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform offers. “We had a big need for .NET monitoring,” explained Baynes, “and AppDynamics stood out as a strong solution that really paid off when we had our first major issue with one of our .NET APIs.”

AppDynamics’ real-time insights, as opposed to historical logs, is a key advantage for The Motley Fool team. “AppDynamics helps us understand what is happening right now and removes the guesswork,” said Nick Travis, web operations engineer at The Motley Fool. “I love the ability to troubleshoot with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, in addition to determining the root cause of an issue from a single user interface. I can look at SQL hotspots, slow code, and poor response times, and know exactly which SQL statement is blocking without having to check with a database administrator.”

An added benefit of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is not having to rely on profilers and outdated logs to diagnose problems. The Motley Fool replaced all its profilers with AppDynamics to cut back on overhead on its production servers. This change also saved the team time going through system events to pinpoint the root cause of the problem in production. Now, The Motley Fool team simply goes to AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to find the exact application server that has the problem.

“The Motley Fool is an archetypal example of a software-defined business,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder, executive chairman, and chief strategist of AppDynamics. “With the help of our newly released Python support, The Motley Fool is able to monitor its distributed applications end-to-end, and focus on delivering a phenomenal experience to its users.”

The Motley Fool is using AppDynamics to:

  • Gain code level visibility into the performance of .Net and Python-based apps to proactively identify and remediate issues before they impact customers.

  • Replace obsolete profilers and logs with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform as the primary solution for performance monitoring.

  • Capture problematic SQL statements in production environments for full end-to-end coverage of both code and database issues.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive solution enabling companies and government entities to maximize business and application performance. The platform is designed and architected to help give business and government users the confidence that their applications are running at their best, to give IT personnel the operational visibility and control they need, and to give end users the great experiences they’ve come to expect and demand.

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