ServiceNow Integration

Real-time transaction visibility builds you a more dynamic CMDB. User-impacting events can appear in your ServiceNow dashboards, identifying and resolving problems faster. ITSM and Event Management processes are now application-aware.

Automatically feed AppDynamics Map iQ into ServiceNow Business Services

Using a simple to use web GUI, configure the integration to synchronize the AppDynamics Map iQ and Business Transactions into ServiceNow as Business Services and models.

Link AppDynamics to the CMDB

The integration allows for the linkage of AppDynamics data which works at the application layer to the ServiceNow CMDB which covers the logical and physical infrastructure dependency views.

Create events in the Event Management module, link application data to ITSM incident, problem, and change

  • Triage faster with ServiceNow Event Management by associating events from multiple monitoring tools back to the application context.

  • Correlate events within ServiceNow with other event sources such as monitoring tools.

  • Provide better root cause across incident, problem, and change processes and workflows.

Install, manage, and configure the integration with ease

  • By utilizing the web-based configuration tool included with the integration of the setup, configuration, scheduling, and debugging are easier than ever.

  • Select which data should be taken from AppDynamics controllers and how it should map to ServiceNow instances.

  • Schedule synchronizations and diagnose issues with ease via a web browser.

  • It doesn’t matter how AppDynamics or ServiceNow are deployed, including SaaS or on-premises, everything is supported!

3 simple steps to integration

1.  ServiceNow App installed via the ServiceNow Store

2. AppDynamics CMDB Sync and Event Management Integration for ServiceNow installed from the AppDynamics Exchange

3. If you are using Event Management you must install the Health Rule Configuration found on the AppDynamics Exchange

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