Webinar: Simplify agent lifecycle management with Smart Agent for Cisco AppDynamics

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Smart Agent

Unlock business and performance insights faster

Smart Agent dramatically simplifies application instrumentation through intelligent agent automation and lifecycle management — saving you time, accessing new capabilities and gaining business context.

Simplify your agent management in a few clicks

Save time and effort installing and managing agents at scale with a centralized agent management console. AppDynamics provides a complete agent inventory, managed by Smart Agent, to quickly flag and upgrade out-of-date agents to support better version compliance and reporting.

Quickly access new capabilities faster with push-button upgrades

Manage security risks and gain access to new capabilities with simple automated agent upgrades. When you need to react quickly to events and get access to the latest security, application and business features, Smart Agent automates the process of upgrading agents in bulk with speed and agility.

Automatically gain business context in minutes

Smart Agent will soon dramatically simplify the onboarding and instrumentation process for new applications with process auto-discovery and agent auto-deployment with just a single Smart Agent installation per host – so that you can start collecting business data and visualize application topography in minutes instead of hours.

Simplify Agent Management with Smart Agent for Cisco AppDynamics

Learn how Smart Agent enables centralized agent lifecycle management and dramatically simplifies the installation, configuration and upgrade of APM and infrastructure monitoring agents. With Smart Agent, you can now remotely manage all deployed agents in one centralized place, using intelligent UI-driven automation that eliminates the need for time-consuming manual intervention.

See why Smart Agent management simplifies agent lifecycle management

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Learn why Smart Agent represents one of the most significant innovations at Cisco AppDynamics in the last year.

Simplify Agent Management with Smart Agent

See how our multi-phased agent management roadmap is enabling CI/CD pipeline integration, smart agent lifecycle management, and soon, agent auto-discovery/auto-deployment.

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Access insightful knowledge base articles, explore interactive demos, and ask the experts in our Smart Agent community forum.

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Simplify application instrumentation with Smart Agent for Cisco AppDynamics