Application cost and resource optimization

See Kubernetes® cost and resource insights and take actions to optimize applications through modules built for Cloud Native Application Observability — the premier application of the Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform.

Cost and Workload Profiler

Gain visibility into efficiency, risk, and resource usage of your Kubernetes workloads. The Cost and Workload Profiler module for Cloud Native Application Observability continuously analyzes your Kubernetes workloads to provide insights into the cost efficiency and risk to workload performance and reliability based on cloud resource allocation and utilization.

Cost Insights

Understand the full fiscal impact of your cloud applications with the Cost Insights module for Cloud Native Application Observability. Perform cost analysis of Kubernetes resources, such as clusters, pods, workloads and more, to gain deeper visibility with granular insights into your cloud spend, including the cost of idle resources. 

Application Resource Optimizer

Take recommended actions to optimize your resources and reduce excessive cloud spend. The Application Resource Optimizer module for Cloud Native Application Observability uses AI and ML to analyze your Kubernetes workloads and deliver specific recommendations to optimize resource usage and cloud costs.

Extend observability with a click

The Cisco FSO Platform Exchange delivers quick access to a diverse ecosystem of modular solutions that extend the capabilities of Cloud Native Application Observability. 

More value from your observable telemetry

The Cisco FSO Platform empowers developers to create and extend solutions that optimize digital experiences and deliver business outcomes while securing modern workloads. 

OpenTelemetry™ and Kubernetes® are trademarks of The Linux Foundation®.

Enhance Cloud Native Application Observability capabilities to solve cloud cost and resource optimization challenges for Kubernetes workloads

Modern application optimization modules deliver real-time visibility into cloud usage, insights to make data-driven decisions and recommendations to reduce cloud costs while ensuring the performance and reliability of business-critical applications.

How to solve your biggest cloud problems

Uncover the obstacles getting in the way of full-stack observability in the cloud — and strategies for overcoming them.

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