Python Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor Python end-to-end application performance — focused on business transactions — in the most complex, distributed environments.

Monitor your Python applications in real time, drill down into call stacks, correlate transactions traversing your distributed environment, and diagnose performance bottlenecks while running in a live production or development environment. Auto-discovered business transactions, dynamic baselining, code-level diagnostics, and Virtual War Room collaboration ensure rapid issue identification and resolution to maintain an ideal user experience for any Python application, running on-premises or in the cloud.

Get end-to-end visibility into your Python application environment and all the dependencies

  • Automatically discover application topology and interdependencies, correlate and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior

  • Visualize and prioritize the end-to-end business transactions performance, not just the health of the application and infrastructure nodes

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Python APM Figure 1
Python APM Figure 2

Monitor applications at code-level depth with minimal overhead within minutes

  • Get in-depth application monitoring with detailed call graphs, leveraging Automated Code Instrumentation within minutes

  • Easily locate hot spots and slow methods within your application code, and drill down from transaction snapshots

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Minimize application downtime with real-time detection of errors and exceptions

  • Detect the errors and exceptions thrown by application components in real time

  • Fix the errors and proactively address the exceptions with policy-based actions with Runbook Automation

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Python APM Figure 3
Python APM Figure 4

Manage performance of heterogeneous databases in context with your Python monitoring

  • Visually understand how database performance is impacting your overall application

  • Diagnose issues and pinpoint the queries causing performance bottlenecks

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Understand end-user experiences across the globe with Python performance monitoring

  • Visually monitor your mobile and web user experience across the globe in context with your application performance through a single pane of glass

  • Rapidly identify the offending line of code in Python applications impacting the end user

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Python APM Figure 5
Python APM Figure 6

Correlate your Python monitoring with underlying server infrastructure visibility

  • Understand infrastructure resource consumption in the context of application performance and end-user experience

  • Automatically capture infrastructure snapshots in context with business transactions when performance degrades

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In addition to the key features described above, you can enjoy all the other benefits provided by the AppDynamics platform, including self-learning platform, automated baseline of performance, intelligent alerting and health rules, ease of use, and more.

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour."

Eric Poon, Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq


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