Drive intelligent security with these six Cisco Secure Application features

Leverage automation and shared business context to build a resilient application security posture.


A proactive approach to application observability in the public sector

Discover six ways to enable proactive APM in your organization.

As public sector organizations embrace digital transformation to improve the delivery of government services, they face a significant hurdle: ensuring applications perform optimally.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how a proactive approach to application observability enables agencies to deliver more reliable digital experiences to their citizens and staff, reduce mean time to resolution when issues do occur and improve alignment to mission objectives.

You will also gain insights into:

  • How end-to-end visibility of application performance can solve the unique challenges public sector organizations face.
  • The key capabilities needed to take an automated approach to application monitoring and observability.
  • Six ways to enable proactive APM for mission-critical visibility and insights.

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