Top 10 reasons your eCommerce site will fail during peak periods

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How to build (and support) your 5-star mobile app

A great mobile app can do wonders for your organization. It increases your customer base, engages current customers into forming closer bonds with your business, and generates more awareness and traction for your brand. However, an app that fails to solve customer pain points or fails to deliver great performance will at best languish with the millions of other apps that are rarely downloaded and at worst give your organization a black eye.

Very few apps in any App Store category boast 5-star ratings, typically for these reasons:

  • They fail to understand, let alone solve, customer pain points
  • They fail to offer an enhanced user experience that leads to consistent, repeated use
  • Their user interfaces are hard to navigate
  • Their performance is slow
  • They freeze or crash
  • The developers’ customer support is poor or nonexistent
  • The developers rarely update the app
  • Updates fail to incorporate customer requests

How do you avoid such pitfalls and create an app worthy of the 5-star rating? You need to create and develop a strategy that leads to a deeper understanding of your audience and the technology necessary to assure that any app you release to the public performs to expectations. We hope this AppDynamics ebook will supply you with a blueprint in which to develop this strategy and show you the ways a mobile APM solution plays a central role in ensuring its ongoing success.

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