Top 10 reasons your eCommerce site will fail during peak periods

Read more about the common causes of performance issues to further prevent bottlenecks and outages during your e-commerce site’s peak periods.


Optimize SAP Performance with AppDynamics on Microsoft Azure

Migrate with confidence and ensure optimal user experience in the cloud.

Enterprises running critical SAP workloads on Azure are seeing numerous benefits - including continuous innovation and insights, unmatched security and compliance, and a cloud platform optimized for SAP. While the advantages of running SAP on Azure are clear, legacy monitoring tools prevent many from ensuring robust application performance, scalability, and security.

Read this eBook to learn how AppDynamics APM solution enables you to overcome these challenges with:

  • ABAP code-level visibility
  • Real-time topology of SAP components and all upstream and downstream dependencies
  • Dashboards for health and performance of SAP applications and underlying infrastructure
  • Browser real user monitoring to better understand end user experience for SAP applications
  • Transaction snapshots for a detailed view into business performance
  • Analyze every business transaction and every user journey for continuous and real-time business intelligence

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